Strawberry Eton Mess: The Classic British Dessert You Must Try
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We may not have sampled all of the desserts in the world, but we have definitely heard about most of them. Eton Mess falls into this category; few people are aware of its amazing taste, but it is one of Britain's oldest desserts.  

In 1893, it was invented at Eton College and served at their annual cricket tournament. Strawberry, whipped cream, and meringue are used in this simple yet pretty dessert. This is typically made with strawberries, but it could also be made with other seasonal fruits. 

It's named 'Eton Mess' since it originated at Eton College and is made with three ingredients, hence the name. Because it was provided to a huge number of people at the college, some people referred to it as a mess. It is one of England's most popular and beautiful sweets, and practically everyone there enjoys it. It's a popular meal that's frequently served at parties and gatherings. It's one of the easiest and no-bake recipes you'll find 

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Follow this quick recipe to make this dessert at home:  

Ingredients needed (serves 4-5) 

    Strawberries- 500 grams 

    Whipping cream- 500 ml  

    Store bought meringue (you can even prepare the meringue at home)  

    Icing sugar-2 tablespoons.   


    Blend the strawberries with ½ tablespoon icing sugar until it gets pureed.  

    Whip the cream with the remaining sugar until it forms soft peaks.  

    For the last step, assemble the meringue, cream and the strawberry puree in layers in a glass or a dessert bowl.  

    Sprinkle some strawberry chunks on top. 

    Serve it right away.  

Some individuals have even tried substituting cranberries, raspberries, or blueberries for the strawberries in this dish. You can use any type of fruit you like.  

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It usually tastes like a creamy, velvety pudding and melts in the mouth because it is incredibly airy and light to eat. Even the recipe is simple to follow, as you can see. So, what do you have to lose? Gather the ingredients as soon as possible and begin preparing this delectable dessert.