Storing Malai For Later Use? Mind These Tips

Milk is utilised in many different ways in an Indian household, from ghee and curd to tea and coffee. Kids, adults, and elderly all like it, and it is an essential component of cooking. In addition, it serves as the foundation for a number of sweets, including custard, kheer, and kulfi. Milk is frequently used to make malai (fresh cream), which is then used to generate ghee, in Indian households. When milk is left undisturbed, malai typically accumulates on the top of the container. Simple removal from the milk will allow you to preserve the malai separately for future use. Malai, however, can both rot and become sour if improperly preserved. Here are some pointers and tips to help you protect.  

Making sure that you constantly keep the malai in your fridge is the first and most crucial step. It is best to immediately store cream in the freezer if you want to keep it fresh for a longer amount of time. By keeping it in the freezer, you can keep your cream fresh and enjoy it anytime you like without worrying about it going bad. A defrosted freezer can quickly ruin the cream, so be careful to avoid doing so while you have dairy products stored within. Your freezer should be kept at a low temperature, and you shouldn't open and close it frequently. 

Storing Tips 

The kind and quality of container you use to store your malai also affects how long it will last. Typically, steel is the finest metal for storing cream. Check to see if the container is freezer-proof before storing it in one made of plastic, glass, or ceramic. You should always check the strength of any glass or plastic container before storing your cream in it because many of them break when kept at extremely low temperatures. 

Add a teaspoon of ghee if you intend to create ghee from your malai in the future. Your malai's flavour will be preserved, and doing this will aid in getting more ghee out of it as it curdles. 

Your malai can easily last for 8–10 days if you keep it in the refrigerator. To make sure your cream does not smell bad, it is advised that you examine it after a week. It is best not to keep your cream in storage for longer than 3–4 days if you occasionally experience lengthy power outages. 

On the other hand, malai can be easily preserved for 20–30 days if you store it in the freezer. Low freezer temperatures will stop the beneficial microorganisms from spoiling the cream. 

Quick Tips 

You need to keep in mind a few key recommendations when storing your cream. The first rule is to always cover your malai. Use a lid to completely enclose it or keep it in an airtight container. Your malai's quality will suffer if it is frozen without a lid, as this will cause an ice layer to form on top. 

Second, avoid regularly taking it out of the freezer. Utilize a clean spoon to remove the desired amount and quickly place it back in the freezer if you only want to use a portion of it.