Store Flour Insect Free? 5 Easy Tips To Follow

There are some ingredients that are common in every kitchen. From spices to vegetables to flour, there are some items without which cooking is literally not possible. Talking of flour, we know how important this ingredient is. From main course dishes to desserts and especially baking, flour is a crucial segment of every process. Most of us follow a common routine I.e., of buying flour in large quantity and storing it for a longer time. But most of the time, flour spoils because of insects such as worms etc. Isn’t it? 

So, is there a way to prevent it? Yes! As always, we have your back. Here are 5 tips that you must keep handy while storing flour. These tips will increase the shelf life of your flour and will keep it protected from bugs, worms and insects. You can thank us later! 

Use Refrigerator For Storage 

Did you know that the best and easiest way to store flour is to keep it in a refrigerator? Just put the flour in a plastic airtight container or a glass jar and store it. Close the lid properly to prevent moisture. This hack will help you in storing your flour insect-free and for a longer period.  

Keep A Check On Manufacturing Date 

Some people still get their flour ready by themselves but there are some who prefer buying packaged flour from the market. In such a case, one must always check the manufacturing date at the time of buying flour. If the flour is already one month old, it should be avoided.   

Give Stainless Steel Containers A Try 

The biggest enemy of flour is moisture. Just a little moisture can spoil the entire flour in no time. To keep the flour moisture-free, one can use steel containers for storage. But make sure that before the flour is put into the containers, the containers should be washed and dried properly in the sun. 

‘Namak Shamak’ Can Help Too 

Yes, you read that right! Adding 3 to 4 tsp of salt to the flour can keep it protected from the insects. For this, you just need to add 2 to 3 tsp of salt to half the flour in the container and mix well. Take the remaining flour and add the same amount of salt again. This practice can keep your flour fresh for a longer period of time. 

Try Using Bay Leaf 

Apart from adding a vibrant taste and aroma to any dish, bay leaf can also be helpful in storing flour. All you need to do is add bay leaf in the container in which the flour is stored. This will keep the insects away. Did you know this? 

Give these tips a try and let us know if they helped!