Stop Putting Ice In Cold Coffee, Try Some Ice Tray Hacks Instead

Go to your freezer and check your ice cube tray. Is it empty? Yeah, we thought so. Unfortunately, refilling ice trays is just one of those tasks everyone seems to forget about. But we’re here to assure you, those empty trays could be put to much better use just by freezing something other than water.

Ice cube trays are truly multifunctional. They can be used to make mini desserts, store excess sauce or even hack your way to aesthetic sushi. Silicone trays are best for freezer experiments since they’re more durable and flexible so you’ll have an easier time removing the contents later. And don’t worry if you have more ideas than space, you can always transfer your cubed creations to a freezer-safe bag and start over. 

Thanks to the magic of modern technology, you can freeze just about anything, so let your imagination lead the way, but if you do need some ideas, try some of our favourite ice tray hacks below. 

Coffee Cubes

Tired of watery iced coffees, here’s the fix. Free espresso shots to drop into your drinks later and enjoy a coffee that only gets stronger as it melts.

Herb Cubes

Using up all the herbs you buy is always a race against nature. Save the herbs for longer by immersing them in olive oil and freezing them.

Wine Cubes

Chilled wine on a muggy evening, nothing better. By freezing cubes of wine you can make sure that your drink is never watered down.

Fruit Cubes

Cut your favourite fruits into small chunks and freeze in fruit juice. Add them to water or soda for a tasty fruit kick.

Olives and Brine

Pop whole pitted green olives in an ice cube tray and fill up with some of the brine from the jar. Freeze until solid. Add to chilled gin or vodka for a speedy dirty martini.

DIY Fro-yo

Freeze flavoured yoghurt in ice cube trays and then blend 4 yoghurt ice cubes in a blender with ½ avocado, 150g raspberries and 250ml milk until smooth.