4 Type Of Ice Cubes You Need For Perfect Cocktails
Image Credit: Ice Cubes For Cocktails

The size and shape of the ice greatly affect the outcome of your drinks. Ice is not only important for cooling beverages but also to dilute it a little, but not too much, and that amount will vary from drink to drink. The way the ice melts and gives different characteristics to each stage of the drink is important. 

The size of the ice plays an important role in the quality of the drink. If you have a series of regular-sized ice cubes, they will melt faster than a large ice cube because the latter has a large surface area that comes into contact with the liquid. Suppose you are spending time with your friends and the ice in your drink melts too quickly, the drink will become very thin, and the taste will change.

If you’re drinking alone at home, here’s are four types of ice cubes you need for your cocktail:

1. Crushed ice 

This type of ice that melts quickly is especially suitable for tropical drinks like juleps, tiki drinks, etc that need dilution. 

2. Block ice

Block ice and slowly cool the drink. You can buy custom shapes or use standard bowls to make ice blocks. You can also use a large container to make large blocks of ice.

3. Cracked ice

Crushed ice is highly preferred when making cocktails. They are ideal if you are looking for ice that falls somewhere between standard cube and crushed ice. 

4. Cubes 

You can enjoy the whiskey with large or standard ice cubes. The idea is to keep the surface as small as possible so that the ice melts slowly and the alcohol does not dissolve too quickly. 

Since ice is used in all cocktails, it is important to keep it fresh and clean, both at the bar and at home.