Stay Hydrated: Tips To Increase Your Water Intake
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As the weather warms up, you may be considering your hydration habits. Water is, without a doubt, necessary for survival, regardless of the temperature. That's because water makes up a large proportion of your brain, heart, lungs, muscles, and kidneys. Water makes up to 60% of an adult's body weight, therefore it's obviously important to your health. Meanwhile, because your hydration needs include fluid from different sources, there is no official suggestion for how much water you should drink. However, the best approach to staying hydrated is to drink plenty of water. Here's how much water you should drink and eight simple ways to do it. 

How much water intake is enough?

The recommendation to drink eight cups of water (64 ounces) every day is a bit of an urban legend, but it's not far off. The exact recommended is 93 ounces for women and 125 ounces for males each day. However, roughly 20% of that comes from water-rich meals like fruits and vegetables, leaving your daily drinking requirements at 75 to 100 ounces. However, there are situations when you may require more, such as when exercising or when you are outside on a hot day. 

How to check if you’ve had the right amount?   

Taking a look at your urine is the most straightforward way to see if you're in the appropriate range. It should be transparent or pale golden in colour, at the very least. Any colour that is darker than this could indicate dehydration. Feeling weak, dizzy, weary, or bewildered are some possible indications of dehydration. Excessive thirst, dry mouth, headaches, and muscle cramps are all indicators that you should drink more water. 

Here are some ways to boost your intake  

Drink Water First: It makes sense to start your day with drinking water because you become slightly dehydrated overnight. Don't worry, if you're a coffee fan. You can get your caffeine fix before drinking water, but make it a habit to start your day right by drinking a glass of water before eating breakfast. 

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: If you have a habit of forgetting to drink, set a reminder on your phone. Set an alarm or a reminder for at least four times per day, with a goal of drinking at least 16 ounces of water in between. 

Drink In Between The Meals: You'll keep hydrated most days if you drink a large glass of water with each of your three meals and 16 to 20 ounces during the four-time blocks listed above. However, there are times when you need even more (such as during a workout or on a hot day). Increase the amount of water you drink at regular intervals if this is the case. 

Use A Water Bottle: Use a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated. Keep a water bottle on your desk as a reminder to stay hydrated. Check how much water it can hold to be sure you're getting enough. If your bottle holds 17 ounces of water, for example, attempt to refill it four times a day. If you don't fill it as often as you should, you might want to set a phone reminder.