A food lover never shies away to explore various cuisines, and if you are a foodie too, then we have five stare canteens for you to try. No, these are not your staff or college canteens. Instead, these are the Indian State canteens located at the heart of Delhi. The highly affordable prices and plenty of food options here are mind-blowing. Moreover, they also have options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarian alike.

Banga Bhavan

Banga Bhavan is run by the Bijoli Grill (caterer). If you are a Bengali living far from your home, go to the canteen to try the menu. The food is cooked in mustard oil using brass vessels, i.e. in traditional Bengali style. It would be best if you try their spicy mutton curry (Kosha Mangsho) with luchi. Bhapa Hilsa with steaming rice is especially for all fish lovers. In the end, don't forget to treat yourself with creamy Mishti Doi.

Viva O' Viva (Goa Niwas)

Goa Niwas's has a very cheerful ambience. And if you have a seafood soul, you must visit 'Viva O Viva'. The peri-peri prawn and butter garlic prawn is brilliant here. But the drool-worthy crab and pork xacuti is their speciality here. P.S. at last, don't forget to try their chocolate pudding for dessert.

Andhra Bhavan

Andhra Bhavan's thali options are well-known. You can have their fresh idlis, piping vadas and crispy dosas as a breakfast option. The Andhra Thali (veg) has an assortment of curd-rice, papad, tangy chutney and rasam. Non-vegetarians can gorge upon chicken curry and mutton fry.

Gujarat Bhavan

Don't hesitate to modify your waistband as the Gujarati thali size here is enormous! But don't worry, the food is not at all heavy and wins your heart. Try their bhakadwadi, fresh rotis, Gujarati rice-dal, warm theplas, papad and farsaan, accompanied by a glass of buttermilk.

Nagaland House

Nagaland house is heaven for pork lovers. The amazing gravy with spicy pork ribs will leave you salivating. Moreover, smoked pork with green chillies is bliss for all the porky souls!

So, where are you heading next?