Starting Your Day With Healthy Fats? 5 Benefits To Know

On waking up in the morning, the body starts producing cortisol, or the stress hormone that controls moods and fears. Cortisol can in fact be put to use rather effectively to enhance productivity and efficiency of performing everyday tasks. As nutritionists and health experts continue to remind us of the need to include healthy fats in our everyday diet, so too they emphasise the importance of starting the day with these good fats. This is because, fats enable the body to clear brain fog, gain more clarity and use hormones like cortisol to their optimum.  

Studies have indicated that instead of carbohydrates, it is more beneficial to begin the day with foods rich in saturated fats like cheese, eggs, butter and milk. Carbohydrates can lead to a rapid spike or falls in energy and blood sugar levels. However, fats enable the body to sustain its energy levels for longer, help to manage food cravings and stabilise blood sugar levels. Read on below for some health benefits of starting the day with healthy fats:

Improves Brain Clarity

Eating healthy saturated fats in the morning can do wonders to get rid of brain fog, leading to enhanced cognitive abilities which boost productivity. Having a couple of fried eggs in the morning can give the body sustained energy and help the brain to think faster. If you often wake up feeling groggy or muddled, eating fats over a prolonged period can have tremendous effects on your cognitive functions in the morning.

Strengthens Digestion

Having fats like butter or ghee in the morning is good for lubrication in the body. Fats maintain the health of the gut lining which is important for smooth digestion and the growth of microbiomes in the gut which enable a healthy cleansing of the digestive system. Troubles with IBS or chronic constipation can be dealt with by including a spoonful of ghee in the morning meal plan.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Fats are particularly essential for diabetics to regulate their sugar levels in the morning. In the absence of glucose in fats like eggs or ghee, there is reduced risk of a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. Fats also improve insulin resistance leading to fewer fluctuations in blood sugar levels. One teaspoon of ghee upon waking up in the morning, eaten before breakfast has multiple health benefits without the risk of elevated cholesterol.

Regularises Menstrual Cycle

Essential fatty acids like Omega-3 that are components of many good sources of fat that are essential for regularising menstrual cycle and improving menstrual health. Along with following a healthy diet that comprises of all essential food groups, having saturated fats early in the morning can have a positive impact on hormone levels. Fats also strengthen the body and reduce the tendency to suffer from menstrual cramps.

Sustains Energy Levels

Eating carbohydrates in the morning gives a good dose of energy but this quick spike in blood sugar wanes just as rapidly leaving the body craving for its next meal. Fats on the other hand are a healthier and more sustained energy source. Regularly eating fats in the morning can gradually reduce food cravings and keep the body energetic for longer. Healthy fats are also essential for improving vitamin absorption and contribute to fortifying overall physical and mental health.