Start On A Light Note With This Easy Bread Upma Recipe For Breakfast Today
Image Credit: Pixabay, This easy-breezy recipe is perfect for early morning breakfast!

Breakfast is that time when of the day when you’ve just woken up and still have a little lethargy left in you. While your bed is drawing you towards it, you know you have to head to work or in our case, work from home. Either ways, when you have to start your day early and plan out the to-do lists, who has time for a lavish breakfast right? Those chole bhatures and aloo ke parathe are reserved for lazy Sundays. Weekdays need you to be active and on-the-go. 

In such cases, you might be looking for a quick breakfast that is hassle-free and doesn’t require too much or ingredients. Bread comes to your rescue as do the cereal mixes. However, they may not be filling enough to keep you satiated for long. South Indian recipes like idlis and dosas are as popular for breakfast as they are for lunch and dinner. There’s another South Indian dish that you may have had too i.e. upma. For the unversed, it is a thick yet light porridge that is generally made from coarse rice flour or semolina aka rava. 

While you may resort to instant breakfast mixes for the same, we’ll tell you a hack to make it fresh and quick. We have delicious bread upma recipe waiting for you. The best part about this breakfast recipe is that you can make with as many vegetables as you want. Start with crumbling slices of bread, you can opt for white or brown bread as per your choice. Grind them in a mixer but do not make a smooth powder-like texture. We would need chunks of the bread. Then toss it in a pan and make it dry crisp. Keep his aside while you prepare the masala for the upma. Chop the vegetables that are available. Carrots, peas and bell peppers taste well in this upma. 

Toss some jeera and mustard seeds in oil in a pan. Next, add some chopped tomatoes, turmeric, jeera, masala powder and other spices. Cook it tomatoes soften and season with sugar, salt and lemon juice. Throw in your bread crumbs and garnish with freshly chopped coriander. Your bread upma is ready to devoured. 

This is super light on the stomach and keeps you energetic in the morning. If you are looking to try this today, here is the full recipe.