Star Anise, The Spice With Plethora Of Health Benefits
Image Credit: Star anise, Unsplash

Star anise has long been a staple in Asian and Eurasian cuisine. Originating in south China, the star-shaped condiment has a flavour reminiscent of liquorice. It is referred to as "chakra phool" in India. Numerous cuisines use it as an exotic spice. Attributable to its intense and enticing aroma. It has been a flavouring agent in India's vegetarian cuisines, meat, seafood, and biryanis. It is often used in Asian soups and stews, while it is employed chiefly in chocolate and dessert recipes in Western cuisine. Prior to use, the star anise is sun-dried until it turns a greyish-brown colour. It can be pounded into a powder or used whole after drying. Besides its culinary prowess, this ancient spice is renowned for its medicinal benefits.

Betters brain's health

As we age, the activity and functionality of our brains decline. A natural brain health booster is star anise. Most brain regions receive better blood flow thanks to its abundance of antioxidants. Star anise is regarded as a brain tonic in Chinese medicine. It helps with attention and focus. It is suggested to enhance mental clarity, promote excellent sleep, and preserve the nervous system.

Boosts digestive health

A handful of dried star anise, Image Source: Unsplash

Star anise's essential oils are beneficial in treating stomach ailments. They have anti-inflammatory impacts that help reduce acid reflux and aid in treating ulcers. Additionally, star anise has anti-microbial qualities, and thus it can guard against gastrointestinal ailments. By reducing bloating and pain brought by gas buildup in the stomach or intestines, it enhances general health. The digestive tract can be soothed by spice.

Protects against common cold

Colds, flu, and sore throats can all be relieved with star anise tea. In addition to its antibacterial properties, star anise contains antioxidants that can support the immune system to ward off sickness more effectively by increasing its ability to naturally eliminate toxins from the body. It has shown impressive results in eliminating throat-infecting germs.

Promotes mental health

Dreid chakra phool, Image source: Freepik

According to certain research, star anise may help lessen the symptoms of depression, particularly when taken with antidepressants. Vulnerable people can alleviate severe feelings of anxiety and depression by taking vitamin B supplements. It is due to the substantial amount of vitamin B star anise contains, which helps elevate mood and lessen stress. Consuming star anise tea is a fantastic way to increase the intake of vitamin B.

Word of caution:

One has to be careful about the purity of the spice; it shouldn't be an adulterated one. Likewise, its consumption must be in moderation. Children and breastfeeding mothers must take extra caution. It is always advisable to consult a professional medical and nutritional expert to avoid unpleasant health conditions.