Be Winter Ready With These Indian Spices
Image Credit: The spices we regularly use have medicinal qualities | Freepik

Winters are here. This is actually the warmest season of the year. Why, you ask! It is because winters make us feel cosy and warm due to several things associated with it – barbeques, bottles of old monk, hot gajar ka halwa and lots of spicy, hot snacks. But it is also the season of us not knowing when and what can trigger a severe cold, cough or fever. We have no clue about what can make us fall sick instantly and how do we even get over the sickness as fast as we catch it.

But there is nothing that India does not have an answer to. Everything that is already there on our kitchen shelves can help us prevent and cure many diseases that we catch on a regular basis. In winters, all we need is better immunity for our bodies to adapt to the cold weather. So, let us look at the Indian spices that can help us build our immunity during this cold weather.

Pepper – This spice is that one condiment that is found in every single kadha that our mothers and grandmothers make for us during the winters. Pepper has the ability to help in digestion as well as boosting immunity. So, add pinch of it to your diet and see the results for yourself!

Gooseberry – Amla or Indian gooseberries are one such thing that our elders swear by. Amle ka murabba makes an appearance in very Indian household purely due to how much it helps in boosting immunity through Vitamin C, that it is very rich in.

Haldi is the one-stop solution to many problems | Freepik

Turmeric – No discussion about immunity boosting spices can ever be complete without the mention of the golden spice, haldi. Whether it is consuming raw haldi, or preparing haldi wala doodh, there are innumerable ways in which we can consume and relish the healing properties of turmeric. Along with immunity, haldi has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. It actually has the power to deal with most of our winter specific health-related problems.

Basil leaves – Tulsi leaves is yet another desi nuskha that has a cent percent chance of saving us from the brutal winters and the unpredictable weather changes. They are extremely useful, both raw and when mixed in a piping hot kadha or you regular morning tea. Apart from being an immunity booster, basil leaves also clean our lungs.

Along with these main spices, do not forget to consume others too like garlic, ginger and cumin, all of which have their own advantages and benefit our health in different ways. With these magic spices, let this winter be about you enjoying the weather, rather than falling sick.