Ssamjang To Ganjang: 7 Different Sauces From South Korea
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South Korean food is popular because of the frequent use of different types of ingredients in making a dish. The presence of so many ingredients gives Korean food a multilayered yet synthesised taste. One of the most important parts of South Korean cuisine is the different types of essential sauces that are used to cook delicious food. 

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These sauces are used as layers of flavours to give an instant kick to a normal dish. Many of the sauces are made through the process of fermentation which makes the shelf life of the sauces quite long. Also, it is quite hard to define their flavour as they're made by using different types of ingredients. Here is a list of some of the most famous essential sauces from South Korea that are a must-try for everyone.

* Gochujang

Gochujang is a rather famous sauce that is generally available in most South Korean restaurants. It is a very sticky and thick paste made from chillies by the process of fermentation. These days it is used by chefs around the world not just to cook South Korean food but also in the dishes of other cuisines as well. Despite its chilly flavour, it also has a very subtle hint of sweetness. The sweetness and the sticky texture of the sauces are obtained by using glutinous rice. In South Korea, Gochujang is used for making stews, and seafood, and for dressing vegetable salads.

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* Doenjang

Doenjang is a very thick paste-like sauce that is made from fermented soya beans and some salt. People often like to draw comparisons between doenjang and Japanese miso because of their similar appearance and taste. But during closer observation, one will realise that the South Korean doenjang is rougher and earthier as compared to the Japanese miso. These days, it has become more difficult to find the most authentic form of doenjang. This sauce is generally used to make different types of South Korean soups.

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* Ssamjang

Ssamjang is a delicious sauce that is made from two sauces including doenjang and gochujang. After mixing these two sauces properly, the mixture is seasoned with some sesame oil, ginger, garlic, and some spices if one would prefer. The sauce is popularly used in South Korea as a dip, especially for snacking on fresh vegetables like cucumbers and green chillies. People also like to use this sauce for making crunchy tacos. The sauce is extremely delicious and the perfect choice for people who have a high spice threshold.

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* Saewoo Jeot

Saewoo Jeot is a sauce that is made by fermenting and brimming shrimp. The sauce is specifically made from the smallest possible variety of shrimp that one can find. Because of the savoury taste of the sauce, it is generally used in South Korean cuisine to add saltiness to the dishes. One of the most common uses of Daewoo Jet is to make fresh and delicious kimchi. However, it is important to note that since the sauce is made from shrimp, it can certainly not be used to make vegetable kimchi. The best type of saewoo jeot is available in South Korea during June because that is when the best quality of shrimp is harvested.

* Myulchi ek Jeot

Myulchi ek jet is a salty sauce that is made from some anchovies that are first fermented. Anyone who has tried the Vietnamese fish sauce will find the taste of mulch ek joet very similar to it. This sauce is used in South Korea to make different types of soups and kimchi. The sauce might be too salty for some people so it is very important to watch the quantity of the sauce before adding it to any dish.

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* Ganjang

Ganjang sauce is a special South Korean sauce that is made from fermented soybeans and brine. It is generally very dark in colour. A similar sauce is also made in Chinese in Japanese cuisine. The South Korean version of this sauce is generally lighter in colour as compared to the Japanese and Chinese versions. Also, the  South Korean soya sauce is a lot saltier and less sweeter as compared to the Japanese and Chinese versions. In South Korea, people do not like to use any added sugar while making ganjang. The most common use of this sauce is to add in different types of soups.

* Guk Ganjang

Guk ganjang is another type of sauce that is made from soya. It is a byproduct that is obtained while making take place from fermented soybeans. As compared to the regular soya sauce, it is a lot lighter in colour and also very salty. In South Korea, guk ganjang is generally used for flavouring different types of soups and is also used as a dip.