These Parmesan And Pesto Burgers Are Just Too Good To Miss

Burgers - the very name itself makes our mouth water. Who doesn’t like burgers, be it, children or adults, everyone is up for a bite of a juicy burger. But burgers from fast-food chains are often unhealthy. No worries, because here we have a quick recipe for juicy, healthy homemade burgers. 

With a preparation time of 35 minutes and a cooking time of just 15 minutes, this quick and easy recipe of Parmesan and Pesto Burgers is sure to satisfy the taste buds. 

Burgers are now famous all over the world. The origin of burgers or hamburgers can be traced back to Germany or the US. The term ‘hamburger’ has been derived from Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany. The origin of the burger remains ambiguous, but of course, this much-loved snack is now popular all over the world, India being no exception.

Various individuals like Charlie Nagreen, Frank, and Charles Menches have been credited with inventing the burger.  About Charlie Nagreen, it is said that he sold a meatball between two slices of bread in the year 1885 for the first time and this was the origin of burgers. 

Now, coming to our Parmesan and Pesto Burgers, here are the ingredients and the recipe.


 For the parmesan-stuffed burger:

    1 lb ground steak

    2 tbsp mild paprika

    1 tsp chilli flakes

    3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

    1 tsp dried onion

    1 cup grated young parmesan cheese

    ½ cup grated mozzarella

For pesto mac ‘n’ cheese: 

    1 cup cooked macaroni

    1 cup fresh basil

    1 grated cheese

    ½ mozzarella cheese

    1 tbsp grated garlic

    1 tsp salt

    1 tbsp black pepper

    Extra virgin olive oil

    ¼ cup of heavy cream

For the assembly:

    2 fried eggs

    Parmesan shaves

    Chilli flakes

    2 burger buns

    4 tbsp pesto

    1 tbsp butter

    2 parmesan-stuffed burgers

    3 cups of French fries


For the parmesan-stuffed burger:

    Mix the ground steak, paprika, chilli flakes, Worcestershire sauce, and dry onion

    Press one scoop of the mix to half an inch of disc

    In the centre of the disc put ½ cup grated parmesan cheese and ¼ cup grated mozzarella and cover with another half grated steak mix

    Repeat process and chill in the freezer for 15 minutes

For pesto mac ‘n’ cheese: 

    Blend together fresh basil, ½ cup grated parmesan cheese, grated garlic, salt, and pepper in a mixer

    Add Virgin oil to this mix for scoopable thickness

    Add cream and mix for 30 seconds

    Mix pesto,½ cup grated mozzarella cheese, and the Parmesan cheese in a bowl

    Add macaroni before putting together the burgers

    Reserve 4 tablespoons pesto for the burger buns

For the assembly:

    Sear the burgers on each side for five minutes.

    Sear brioche buns cut side down in the grease of the burger and a tbsp of butter.

    Once golden, add a tablespoon of pesto on each cut side of the bun.

    Add mac n cheese, one fried egg, shaved parmesan, and add chilli flakes to taste.

    Serve with French fries and sauce.