Spirited History Of The Dark 'n Stormy Cocktail
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Rum has long been related to sailors and maritime culture but its earthy and flavorful spirits have also captured the heart of many landlocked people. Naturally, there are many rum varieties available, such as Captain Morgan, which allows you to savour the spirit's own flavors and also are used to create innovative cocktails that blend different ingredients to create the ideal rum-based infusion to enjoy. And the Dark 'n Stormy is the quintessential rum cocktail among them.  

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The name alone Dark 'n Stormy conjures up images of adventure on a stormy night at sea, all the while remaining mysterious and appealing. Do you get the same impressions from the cocktail's taste and aroma? Yes, of course! The Dark 'n Stormy is an extremely daring cocktail that is typically prepared with a combination of the darkest of dark rums, zesty ginger beer, citrus-packed lime juice, ice, and sometimes even syrup.

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Origin Of The Dark 'n Stormy

Bermuda's British history includes the Dark 'n Stormy, which is a pivotal event that led to the distinctive fusion of the island's maritime and merchant traditions. The Dark 'n Stormy obviously, had to be 'discovered' before it was a beverage worthy of preserving and the story makes the cocktail uniquely Bermudian.

The Goslings, a family of Bermudian rum producers, and a few seasick sailors accidentally worked together to create this tasty and strong highball. Today you will see the majority of sailors in the Bermuda region enjoying their evenings while sipping their evening Dark 'n Stormy cocktail. It is the unofficial beverage of the sailing and boating community worldwide along with Bermuda.

In the early 1800s, William Gosling was a spirits salesman in London. However, in 1806, James, his son, boarded the Mercury, a chartered ship, and sailed for America with 10,000 pounds sterling worth of wine and spirits. But, Mercury's voyage did not go as planned, and the ship failed to make it to America, much to the pleasure of many Bermudans, particularly those with a flair for alcoholic drinks. Rather, the Mercury was abandoned in the Atlantic for nearly ninety-one days; as a result, the ship's charter was no longer valid, forcing the unhappy crew to make landfall in Bermuda. James fell in love with Bermuda the moment he set foot there and decided to stay, opening a store on King's Parade in St. George's. 

Later, in 1824, the Goslings moved their store to Front Street in Hamilton, and in 1860, they imported the very initial barrels of rum distillate. After making significant improvements to their blending process, they were able to create Gosling's Black Seal, which is among the best and most distinctive dark rums in the world. 

Gosling's rum customers could refill empty bottles straight from the barrel until 1914. However, the Goslings began selling their rum in champagne bottles that they had collected from the Royal Navy Officers Mess during World War I. These British Navy officers, who were stationed in Bermuda, made ginger beer, which became highly sought after among them as a remedy for seasickness. 

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The Marriage Between Rum And Ginger Beer

It's unclear how precisely the rum and ginger beer mixed in the glass. One of the best drinks in the world was made possible by the navy, whether it was the result of a drunken sailor mixing rum with his friend's ginger beer or an innovative mixologist experimenting with various concoctions. The discovery of a drink that soothed the stomach and lifted spirits led to celebrations, which continue to this day. A sailor who was sipping his cocktail remarked that it was "the colour of a cloud, only a fool or a dead man would sail under," giving rise to the drink's legendary name.

The identities of the Goslings and Dark 'n Stormy were well-known in Bermuda and other parts of the world by the end of World War I. The recognition of the cocktail grew internationally along with the company's rum export business. On June 9, 1980, the Gosling family patented the cocktail to protect the authenticity of the drink's recipe. It will ensure that a drink can only be promoted as an authentic Dark 'n Stormy if Goslings Black Seal Rum—the key ingredient—is present. Dark 'n Stormy, which is made exclusively with Gosling's Black Seal Rum, allows you to indulge in Bermuda culture from any part of the world today. 

Given its lengthy history dating back to the British Navy, its tropical name, and its familial heritage, Dark 'n Stormy is deserving of the praise it receives. 

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With knowing the history of the Dark 'n Stormy, it is also important that you know its recipe. 

“Stir the drink well or you will taste only rum on your first sip.” 

-Take a tall glass

-Fill it with ice

-Add 180 ml of Goslings Ginger Beer

-Float 60 ml of Goslings Black Seal Rum on top

-Stir till you see a storm in your glass

-Garnish with a wedge of lime