Spicy Paneer Shawarma Roll Recipe To Satiate Your Cravings
Image Credit: Image used for representative purpose. Image courtesy: Facebook/Tarhab Humayun

When it comes to a dish that can satiate your hunger pangs as well as cravings for a delicious dish at the same time, nothing beats a Shawarma Roll. In case you didn’t know, it’s not only Marvel movies and Iron Man who have referred to the deliciousness that is Shawarma. Born in the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth century, Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish which traditionally consists of layered meat slices stacked on an inverted cone. The meat is slowly roasted on a rotisserie and slices are shaved off as the layers cook. These Shawarma slices are then served as it is or packed inside a wheat flatbread. 

Usually, Shawarma is made with lamb, mutton, chicken, turkey or beef, and served as a popular street food in Middle Eastern nations like Lebanon, Kuwait, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Over time, as Shawarma Roll became popular in nations across the world, many other variations came up, including Paneer Shawarma Roll. 

Video courtesy: YouTube/Chef Ranveer Brar

So, what makes Paneer Shawarma Roll special? Apart from being a great vegetarian option for those who love Shawarma, this dish makes for a great snack and an even better meal on the go. Whether you have it as your evening snack or a hassle-free dinner, Paneer Shawarma Roll tastes great and appeals to people of all age groups. Because the Indian palate is more used to spices, this Paneer Shawarma Roll recipe includes both red chilli powder and black pepper powder. In case you want to make it less spicy for kids or the elderly, then you can easily opt for lesser amounts of these two ingredients. Here’s the easy-peasy recipe for you to try at home today. 


200g paneer steak 

5 large whole wheat rotis 

½ tsp garlic paste 

1 tbsp cumin powder 

½ tsp coriander powder 

½ tsp cardamom powder 

1 tsp red chilli powder 

1 tsp black pepper powder 

2 tbsp olive oil 

2 tsp lemon juice 

Salt, to taste 

½ cup mayonnaise 

2 tbsp tahini 

2 tbsp coriander leaves, chopped 

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1. Place the garlic paste, cumin powder, coriander powder, cardamom powder, red chilli powder, black pepper powder, olive oil and salt in a large boil. 

2. Mix well, add the lemon juice and mix again. 

3. Now add the paneer steak and coat it really well with the spice blend. 

4. Place the coated paneer steaks in a preheated oven and roast for 15 minutes at 200 degrees. 

5. Alternatively, you can also place the paneer steak in a hot, greased grill pan. Cook the paneer on both sides on a medium heat so that the spices are cooked and the paneer scorched. 

6. Remove the paneer steak from the pan or oven, and quickly slice it into thin, small pieces. 

7. Now to assemble the Paneer Shawarma Rolls, place the rotis on a flat surface. 

8. Apply generous amounts of mayonnaise and tahini on the rotis. 

9. Add a generous amount of the Paneer Shawarma pieces, top with coriander leaves. 

10. Tightly roll the rotis like a burrito and serve with chutney and mayonnaise on the side.