7 Foods That You Can Carry On Your Flight To The USA
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You're all set to take over America. You couldn't be more excited about soon arriving in the country of your dreams. The feeling of leaving your country behind has begun to set in as you prepare to book your trip. You're worried that it will be a while before you can enjoy the delicious dishes your mother makes. Therefore, if you intended to bring the flavours of your home with you to America, we wouldn't hold it against you. We've compiled a list of food products that you can bring on a plane to the US to assist you in packing smartly.

Canned Items:

As long as they are in vacuum-packed jars, several commodities in this category are allowed, including honey, olive oil, and vegetable oil. In order to avoid having to check your bag or give up your souvenir, jarred liquids and soft textures, such as peanut butter, must adhere to the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) requirement of 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less.


The majority of dried spices can be transported. Travellers are allowed to transport unopened, commercially labelled containers of basic Indian spices like garam masala or sambar powder. It is recommended to put handmade spices in airtight containers while transporting them.


Travellers from India with infants or young children are allowed to bring limited amounts of dry milk powder in sealed, commercial packets. Carrying homemade Indian sweets made of milk that have a thin or semi-thick liquid consistency is not advised because of the high likelihood that they may spoil during the protracted flight. Additionally, provided they are wrapped properly, dairy items like butter and cheese can be carried along. United States Customs prohibits the import of homemade cottage cheese.


As long as the nuts have been pulverised, pureed, steamed, roasted, baked, over-dried, boiled, or cooked, Indian snacks and sweets, including nuts, are OK.

Pickles And Other Items:

At the U.S. ports of entry, unopened, commercially packaged Indian pickles and ready-to-use curry and snack mix are accepted. You can also bring along ramen and instant noodles without eggs or meat.


Chocolates are acceptable, as are cakes, cookies, candies, and other baked goods. However, the FDA has prohibited some chocolates, including Kinder Surprise Chocolate Eggs, which are sold in India, because the surprise toys they contain are choking hazards.

Tea And Coffee:

Indians cannot live without their favourite tea and coffee, and luckily for them, US Customs allows them to carry them. Travellers from India are permitted to bring roasted coffee beans and tea leaves through any US port of entry.