Spice Up Your Life With 6 Pickles And Chutneys From Andhra
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Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of Guntur chillies in India. It is also responsible for exporting substantial amounts of rice, sugarcane and mangoes to other parts of the country. Being a state that is naturally endowed with a lot of vegetation, one will find an array of ingredients being used in Andhra cuisine.

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 Due to the availability of a lot of regional spices and chillies in abundance, the variety of chutneys and pickles made in Andhra Pradesh is very special and tempting. The delicious chutneys and pickles from Andhra Pradesh lie in the centre of the Andhra and are made from all sorts of vegetables, fruits and spices, including capsicum, mangoes, cranberries, ginger and eggplants etc.

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* Avakaya

In the local language, people like to call the mango pickle avakaya. Avakaya simply means a mango pickle that is made by using small pieces of mangoes and covering them with ground mustard powder. It is believed that the current recipe was prevalent among Telugu people even back in the 15th century. This is a tempting and spicy pickle that is made from raw mangoes and has a dominant flavour of garlic. The pickle is prepared by mixing freshly cut mangoes with red chilli powder, salt, oil and some mustard powder. The whole mixture is stored in ceramic jars and sundried for at least three days before being consumed.

* Sorakaya Pachadi

Sorakaya pachadi is made from bottle gourd and is served with different dishes like dosa, idli, tomato pappu, and rice. The pachadi generally has a beige colour and this time out with a lot of mustard seeds and nuts on the top. Sorakya pachadi has a thin consistency. The dish is generally made during the summer time as bottle gourd is considered as a great source of hydration and acts as a natural coolant. There are also regional no-onion and no-garlic variants of this pachadi that one can make at home.

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* Pandu Mirapakaya Pachadi

Pandu mirapakaya pachadi from Andhra Pradesh is a no-cook recipe that is primarily made from guntur red chillies. It also involves the use of different ingredients like garlic cloves, hing, garlic, chana, and some other spices. It is a fiery pachadi made by grinding some fresh red chilies, tamarind, pulp, spices like salt, hing and ginger- garlic in a blender. Some people also like to add some sugar in the recipe to balance the flavour and heat of red chilies. This fiery pachadi is generally eaten with some boiled rice and ghee.

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* Gongurra Chutney

Gongurra chutney is a tempting chutney that is made from gongura or sorrel leaves. The local people of Andhra Pradesh call gongurra leaves as ‘Andhra Matha’ meaning mother Andhra. This famous chutney is often served with Hyderabadi biryani and mutton curry in Andhra Pradesh. Gongurra chutney has a green colour and a spicy taste. It is made by using condiments like crushed garlic, cloves, cumin powder, curry leaves, red chilli, mustard oil, and a handful of other spices. One can pair this chutney with rice, dosa and even chapati if they like.

* Kalchina Vankaya Pachadi

Kalchina vankaya pachadi is believed to have been created by a section of the Brahmin community in the South Indian district called Tanjore. Since then, this recipe has become very popular and travelled to different parts of the country. It is generally consumed fresh and is made by using fried eggplant, chillies and garlic. To add some rustic flavours, raw onions and tamarind are also added to this dish making it a perfect accompaniment for boiled rice. It has a very thick texture and is sprinkled with some fresh coriander leaves just before serving. Kalchina vankaya pachadi is generally given a very evident spicy flavour but one may add just it as per their preference. 

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* Dondakaya Chutney

Dondakaya chutney is made from an Ivy gourd. Ivy gourd is abundantly grown in Southern Karnataka and Malnad region. The ivy gourd used must be tender for a better texture. It is believed that the chutney has digestive benefits and prevents the accumulation of unnecessary gases in the stomach. Because of the generous use of green chilies in this chutney, it has a fiery flavour. The chana and urad dal helps to add a beautiful aroma, nutty layer of taste and also balance the spiciness of green chilies.