Spice Up Your Festive Evenings With These Delectable Cocktails
Image Credit: Tennessee Mule is a refreshing cocktail

The festive season is always fun. So many parties, get-together, gatherings and house-parties become the perfect opportunity to meet with our friends and family and sometimes, interact with our colleagues beyond the workspace. It is the time when we just eat good food, grab a glass of our favourite drink, sit back and unwind. Conversations and interactions keep happening over good drinks and that is the prime reason why food and drinks are the most important part of a good house party. 

We are in the month of October and due to the several festivals lined up one after the other, this is the season of house parties. Don’t be basic by just lining up your booze bottles and leaving your guests to their devices. Shaking up some fun cocktails will do wonders for your reputation as a hostess along with some finger-licking good food and out-of-the-box games. Prep yourself to impress your friends with your bar skills and get the party started with these easy and delectable cocktail recipes from Jack Daniel's. Here are 4 wonderfully curated recipes by Pankaj Arora, Brand Advocacy Manager in India Area of Brown-Forman.

Gentleman Jack Maple Sour

Tennessee Honey & Lemonade


  • 50 ml - Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey 
  • Lemonade 


  • 3/4 fill a highball glass with cubed ice 
  • Pour Jack Honey over ice 
  • Top with lemonade 
  • Add lemon wedge to garnish 

Tennessee Mule


  • 50 ml - Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 
  • Ginger beer 
  • Squeeze of lime 


  • 3/4 fill a mule copper mug with cubed ice 
  • Pour Old No. 7 over ice 
  • Add remaining ingredients and stir 
  • Add lime wedge to garnish 

With these cocktails, you can be sure that your house party will be the rage amongst all your guests and they will be having a good time. Not only are these extremely classy cocktails, they would certainly give you that elusive title of the Best Host amongst your friends and peers. So, try these cocktails out for yourself and then serve them at your party!