Spaghetti Frozen Mid-Air Goes Viral; 5 Spaghetti Recipes To Try This Week
Image Credit: Lip-smacking spaghetti recipes to relish!

It was only yesterday that I was slurping on a bowl full of arrabiatta spaghetti for my Sunday dinner and wondering how great a dish the Italians have given us. While pizza is one of the most loved foreign dishes which can be seen in the year-end survey of Zomato which showed that pizza was one of the most ordered dishes apart from biryani in 2021 in India. The fame of this Italian dish in our country is unmatched. The other dish that a lot of us love is pasta. The delicious delicacy comes in different shapes and sizes and can be spruced up in a variety of ways. Beyond the red and white sauce categorizations that we find in our restaurant menus, there are novel techniques too like the pink sauce pasta, butter chicken pasta, tandoori pasta which have a desi touch to the videshi dish. 

Although penne is the most commonly used pasta type for most dishes, it is fusilli and spaghetti that are also gaining prominence these days. Penne is pipe-shaped while macaroni is also known as elbow pasta. Fusilli looks like a spiral and the spaghetti is a closer but thicker cousin of noodles. Elongated, medium-thick strands of pasta dough are boiled and dunked in a sauce along with veggies and meats to give a delectable dish. Given the cold weather, something hot to slurp just seems like an ideal choice during meals. That’s what the Observer must have thought when he heated up a bowl of leftover spaghetti for his breakfast the next day. Unfortunately, he couldn’t eat it because it froze mid-air. Don’t believe us? Here take a look. 

                Source: Mount Washington Observatory/Twitter 

The picture of spaghetti twisted onto a fork hanging still mid-air took the Twitter users by storm. The picture was shared by the Mount Washington Observatory’s official handle recently. While one of the observers’ was keen on enjoying breakfast at sunrise at New Hampshire in Mount Washington, the weather and winds did not seem in his favour as the temperature dipped to as low as -34 degree Celsius, leading to the fork and spaghetti getting frozen even before he could take a bite. 

The picture has garnered close to 2k likes and some 555 re-tweets in the past few days. The Twitter users have expressed their shock and amazement through a flood of comments on the picture stating things like, “And the Mt. Washington Observatory spaghetti challenge is born!” by a @LisaVermont and some others felt sorry for the Observer as he couldn’t eat the breakfast spaghetti. One user, @dsanfor3 went on to say, “Wow, hard core for cold spags at breakfast. I've heard of cold pizza for breakfast but for me, I'm a pancakes or hot cereal breakfast kind of guy”.

Sadly, the Observer couldn’t get a bite of his spaghetti but you can surely have the entire bowl just the way you like. Here are some lip-smacking spaghetti recipes to gorge on during the week. 

1.  Garlic And Herb Spaghetti 

This is one of the simplest and easy-to-make spaghettis. Infused with the flavours of garlic, spaghetti is tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with some fresh parsley, crushed red pepper and basil leaves. It is super-light with subtle flavours that give a tinge of taste and a sense of contentment. Since it doesn’t require too many ingredients or sauces, it is hassle-free and dry. 

2.  Baked Spaghetti With Chicken Parmesan Meatballs

The long strands of spaghetti are tossed in a thick and tangy marinara sauce which gives it a reddish colour and delicious flavour. Chicken meatballs are dunked into the spaghetti bowl to make it meaty and it is finished off with copious amounts of grated parmesan on top. This heavenly bowl is then baked and pulled apart for a cheesy affair. 

3.  Baked Tex-Mex Spaghetti 

Giving the Italian dish a touch of Mexican flavours, this tex-mex spaghetti is saucy and greasy. Made with a tangy tomato sauce, the spaghetti is tossed with ground beef, cilantro and cheddar cheese. This spaghetti is then mixed and baked to give a hot and chunky texture. 

4.  Pesto Zucchini Spaghetti 

An earthy and freshly-ground pesto sauce lends the spaghetti a fresh from the farm kind of taste. The green-coloured spaghetti is enriched with diced zucchini and blob of contrast in taste and appeal with bright red cherry tomatoes. 

5.  Spaghetti And Meatball Soup 

Dunk the boiled spaghetti squash to make a low-carb, meaty and flavourful soup. This bowl of meatballs is watery, with the tangy flavours of the sauce and a delicious touch of herbs.