South Indian Tiffin: 8 Different Types Of Idlis That One Can Try
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Idlis are now equally popular in North India, and even across the world as they are in South India. The soft texture, delicious taste, and health benefits have made it popular among health enthusiasts specifically. It is an extremely healthy option for almost all meals of the day and quite digestive as well. One can have idlis with Sambar or simply with some homemade chutneys. 

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While Rava Idli is the most common and popular variety of Idlis available in North India, there is a lot more to Idlis than one might know. There are multiple varieties of idlis that one can try having at home. All of these idlis have very different tastes from each other and come with a lot of respective health benefits.

* Thatte Idli

Thatte Idli is a special Idli from Karnataka that is steamed by using a plate. It is generally larger than the regular Idli and a lot flatter. Thatte Idli stands out among the rest of the idlis because of its extremely soft texture and different taste. One can enjoy these idlis with different types of chutneys as it compliments the tantalising taste of chutneys well.

* Kanchipuram Idli

As the name suggests, Kanchipuram Idli originates from the Kanchipuram area of Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram idlis are specifically seasoned with a lot of spices like hing, pepper and cumin seeds. These Idlis have a very special and aromatic taste and are perfectly paired with some steaming Sambar. Kanchipuram Idlis have the goodness of many different types of spices and are thus quite good for digestion.

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* Oats Idli

Oats Idli might make some people uncomfortable as making idlis from oats is not a very conventional way of making idlis. But it is certainly a very healthy twist to the regular idlis. Although idlis are quite healthy on their own, for people who want to increase fibre in their food, this is a great way of enjoying Idli. One can simply grind some oats in the grinder and then mix it with some Rava. The mixture can be used to prepare a batter for idli that can be steamed.

* Vegetable Idli

Vegetable Idlis are packed with the goodness of a variety of vegetables. It is a great way of sneaking some vegetables into the food, especially for children who do not like eating green vegetables directly. One can add a variety of vegetables like carrots, capsicum, spring, onions and some sweet corn. This enhances the overall flavour of the Idli and it becomes a delicious snack that can be simply enjoyed with tomato ketchup as well.

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* Fried Idli

Frying some idli pieces with sautéed vegetables and some delicious sauces is a great way of elevating the regular Idli. This way of eating Idli is perfect for people who like to eat some spicy and flavourful food. It may sound like a complicated recipe, but it is quite simple. One has to simply take some vegetables and pan-fry them in a little bit of oil. Now small pieces of idli have to be mixed with these vegetables along with some spices. One can also add some chilli sauce for that extra flavour.

* Podi Idli

 Podi Masala is a very famous spice mixture in South India and is also famously known as the gunpowder mixture. Podi Idli is made by covering the regular Idli Podi spice mixture. To prepare this Idli, one has to simply make Rava Idli at home. Now the Rava Idli is tossed in some ghee and covered in a mixture of lentil powder that is infused with a lot of spices.

* Rava Idli

Rava Idli is a very popular name and most people are already acquainted with this variety ofiIdli. It is one of the quickest idli to prepare and is made by using the type of semolina that has a grainy texture. Many people also like to add some regular spices like salt, chilli and black pepper, while preparing the batter for Rava Idli to make it more appetising.

* Ramassery Idli

Ramassery Idli is a fusion of Idli and Dosa and is a very famous dish in Kerala. This idli is prepared by using a blend of some lentils and rice to make a very fluffy and mouth-melting idli. One can be enjoyed with the traditional sambhar or even with different types of curries. It is an extremely fulfilling and nutritious meal that can be eaten at any point during the day.