Sorpotel To Feijoada: 8 Red Hot Dishes Of Goa You Must Try
Image Credit: Nish Kitchen/facebook

Each regional cuisine in India brings a variety of delectable dishes that are loved all over the country. Made with local ingredients and unique cooking styles, these delights are also popular in other parts of the world. Every state in the country has something special for everyone; we just need to explore. When it comes to Goa, its cuisine is dominated by spices and flavours. 

The staple food of Goa is poee, or rice and fish curry, and most of their cooking involves the use of coconut, rice, fish, pork, meat, and local spices like kokum. Another interesting fact about Goa is that it is an amazing place for spicy food lovers. You can find many fiery dishes here that will tantalise your taste buds.  

From sorpotel to feijoada, here are the top eight red hot dishes from Goa you must try: 


This is a popular Goa meat dish that is loved by both locals and tourists. The term soro in Konkani means alcohol or liquor, and it is usually prepared with pork, beef, or mutton liver. The meat of this dish is parboiled, and the fat is fried. Sorpotel is a traditional breakfast item in Goa. It is mostly enjoyed with poee, sanna, rice, or chapati. 


Though most Indian pickles are red and spicy, Goan pickles are definitely not like your common ones. Prepared with a variety of vinegars, like white wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and malt vinegar, these pickles are super delicious. From vegetables like carrots, brinjals, and ivy gourd to meats and seafood like prawns, pork, and Bombay duck, Goa has plenty of spicy pickles to accompany your meals.  


If you are a hardcore fan of spicy non-vegetarian food, then vindaloo is a must-try for you. Made with pork, onions, chillies, vinegar, and spices, it is specially prepared during the New Year, Christmas, and Easter. This tangy, spicy curry is mixed with vinegar and spices and then stored overnight to marinate properly. You can enjoy vindaloo with naan, rice, potatoes, and wraps. 


Ambotik is a Portuguese-influenced dish that is made of shark fish. The term ambot means sour, and tik means spicy. This Goan curry uses Kashmiri red chillies and kokum to get its sour and spicy flavour. The fish is diced and tossed with tomatoes, onions, and masalas. It is best served with rice, pao, and sannas.  


The term feijoada is derived from the Portuguese word feijao, which means beans. It is a stew of red beans and pork that has a spicy and tangy flavour. The main ingredients of feijoada are salted pork, red beans, coconut milk, and spices like chillies, peppercorns, and cloves. It is traditionally enjoyed with poee, or rice.  

Recheado Stuffed Mackerel

This is another red and spicy delight of the state that is heaven for non-vegetarians. Also known as recheado mackerels, this crispy pan-fried seafood is prepared with a special spice paste that consists of dried Kashmiri red chillies, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, and tamarind. This spicy and sour dish is best served with steamed rice. 

Goan Fish Curry 

If you are a die-heart fan of fish curries, then do try this spicy delight from Goan cuisine. It is made with grated coconut, red Kashmiri chilli peppers, garlic, ground turmeric, and kokum. This mouthwatering dish is best served with steamed rice, but you can also enjoy with any Indian bread. 

Chicken Xacuti

Also known as shakuti, this chicken dish is one of the most popular Goan delicacies. Infused with generous amounts of various spices like dry red chillies, star anise, poppy seeds, garam masala and curry powder, it goes well with both rice as well as roti. Grated coconut is also a primary ingredient of chicken xacuti.