Refreshing Green Tea Mocktails For A Soothing Summer

Green tea has taken the market by storm and each one is talking about it’s benefits. Like all teas are brewed from the dried tea leaves where the level of oxidation determines the type of tea but green tea is made from unoxidized leaves and is one of the least processed types of tea. Green tea is more than just a hydrating beverage as it sees many health benefits too and is loaded with polyphenol antioxidants. Green tea is known for it’s traditional Chinese and Indian medicine that aid digestion, improve heart and more. Though green tea contains caffeine less than coffee but it’s said that drinking caffeinated beverages helps to prevent a decline in alertness. 

To Sejal, ‘pure’ means something that is ‘authentically real’. Thus, Seven Spring was born after rigorous research about different health products in the market, different herbs, flowers, shrubs from all over the world, and ancient Vedic herbs. It is a brand with product lines that are all authentically natural, made with the best ingredients offered by Mother Nature. The brand intends to offer an experience to the body with the help of products that have unsurpassed quality and value, beneficial both to the health and well-being of human beings. Some of the teas include Black Currant Hibiscus Tea, Blue Pea Ginger Fennel Tea, Tusli Turmeric, Moroccan Mint, Pan Fried Green tea, Mango Muesli Peppermint tea, etc. These are available in different packaging and prices.

Her innovative selection of green teas include variants like Gunpowder green tea, Mango Musli Green Tea, Pan Fired Green Tea, Blackcurrant Hibiscus Tea and more.  Here are 3 green tea based mocktail recipes from Sejal Purohit, Founder - Seven Spring Teas.

Blue Pea Iced Latte

How to Make:

    Brew Seven Spring Blue pea Ginger Fennel tea bag in100-120 ml hot water & kept aside to cool.

    Take a glass and add few Ice cubes to it.

    Add 1 teaspoon of maple syrup in glass 

    Add cool down blue pea tea

    Add frothy 80 ml coconut milk, finally mix well and garnish with cocoa powder and enjoy it.

Mango Musli Peppermint Iced Tea with Fresh Mango Chunks-

How to Make:

    Brew Seven Spring Mango Musli Peppermint teabag in 100-120 ml hot water & kept aside to cool.

    Take a glass and add 8-10 pieces of dice cut fresh mango chunks and aamras(3-4 spoons of mango pulp)

    Add a tiny spoon of fennel seeds(saunf)

    lastly add some Ice Cubes

    Add Cool down Mango Musli Tea

    mix it well

    lastly garnish with mint spring and enjoy.

Iced Black Currant Hibiscus Tea-

How to Make

    Brew Seven Spring black currant hibiscus tea in 100 ml hot water & kept aside to cool.

    Take a glass 

    Add Frozen ice cubes made out of Black grapes

    Add 70 ml of fresh watermelon juice.

    Add Black currant tea and Chaat masala mix it well

    Lastly garnish with fresh sage.