Sonam Kapoor Welcomes Vayu To The Delhi Home With A Grand Feast
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Actor Sonam Kapoor and her husband Anand Ahuja are enjoying their blissful time as parents to their newborn son, Vayu Kapoor Ahuja, ever since he was born on August 20, 2022. The doting parents have been devoting themselves wholeheartedly to his care, celebrating his every milestone now and then. Recently, Vayu was welcomed to the couple’s opulent residence in Delhi, and the duo hosted a warm gathering at home, introducing their little one to their loved ones in the capital city. It was a dreamy affair with laddoos and a South Indian touch.

Sonam documented the occasion with delightful posts and stories on her Instagram, revealing glimpses of the joyous affair. The gathering featured a grand feast, thoughtfully arranged by the new mom herself for her family and friends. The pictures showed Sonam’s Delhi family, including Anand’s parents, Priya Ahuja and Harish Ahuja, and his brother, Anant, posing for a family portrait with Vayu. We could see a stunningly decorated dining table adorned with lustrous banana leaves, velvety roses, lotus and jasmine flowers, and rustic brown coconuts.

But that’s not all! The initial picture showcases an abundance of luscious, ripe bananas alongside what looked like a colossal platter of gulab jamuns. Additionally, a plate with delectable dips is also visible. Moreover, Sonam shared a picture of what seemed to be a sweet hamper with an array of different ladoos—from nutty and coconut to rose—beautifully packed in a box.

In another image, we could spot a menu card elegantly placed on a plate, akin to a top-notch dining establishment. With ‘Bhojanam’ written atop, it got us wondering if the feast might have been a South Indian affair. The dining table is further accentuated with the clever use of green raw bananas, ingeniously employed as a decorative prop. Take a look at the pictures: 

With a charming bouquet composed of delicate lotus flowers and complemented by the earthy tones of bananas and tender coconuts, Vayu’s homecoming in Delhi looked like an affair to remember.

It looks dreamy, doesn’t it? Along with the pictures, Sonam wrote, "Welcoming our darling Vayu home to Delhi... @priya27ahuja @ase_msb @anandahuja #harishahuja. With the help of exceptionally talented @__8.00am #karanflowerboy @theladdoowala @indusculinary. PS this is not an ad or a barter post this is a thank you for a job exceptionally done and a nod of appreciation to a wonderful team of professionals!" 

Sonam's gastronomic adventure, however, persisted the following morning, as she was relishing delectable pancakes. Feast your eyes on this: 

But it didn't stop there, as Sonam was seen feasting more the following night. She nibbled on a chocolate loaf sent over by a bakery in Delhi. Upon digging deeper, we found that it was a favourite of Sonam and Anand—a gluten-free jaggery banana chocolate chunk walnut loaf. Take a look: 

Sonam and Anand’s celebrations seem to have just begun, and here’s hoping to see more from their feasting diaries.