According to Ayurveda, we are what we eat. And the ancient science of Ayurveda has a lot to say regarding what we should eat and what we should not. And when an ancient science that has managed to retain a lot of relevance in these modern times says something, we tend to listen, acknowledge and act upon it. With the conviction that Ayurveda speaks about food and lifestyle, it has not only managed to influence Indians, but people across the globe. 

When we talk about food, what really makes a difference is what we should not eat, rather than what we should. While eating something depends upon the taste palate of a person and varies, what should not be eaten is like a lose set of rules that one must follow to stay healthy. Let us look at some food combinations that we tend to have without understanding the harm that they may cause, but Ayurveda strictly advises us against them. 

Milk with tea and fruits – This one is a shocker! The entire of India is obsessed with tea, made with milk but according to Ayurveda, it is extremely toxic and bad for health. Also, pairing milk with fruits is also not considered favourable. So, if you are planning on living a life tailored by the suggestions of Ayurveda, be ready to part with your favourite tea and milkshake.

Beans with cheese and meat – Another popular combination is cooking breakfast beans with cheese and milk and eating it alongside eggs and meat. This is a very toxic combination and can make you sick according to the ancient sciences.

Lemon with tomatoes and cucumbers – Again, a very unlikely suggestion because for as long as we remember, we have been squeezing lemon juice onto our salads. The typical Indian salad has cucumber, tomatoes and onions, so this is yet another toxic combination that we have been having without knowing it is prohibited.

Cheese and eggs are a toxic combination | Unsplash

Cheese cannot be paired with eggs – This piece of information might end up altering your breakfast meals forever. That fluffy cheese omelette of yours is causing you to be sick, as per the rules of Ayurveda! 

Yogurt with mangoes – If you have yet again reached out to buy your favourite mango flavoured yogurt at the grocery store, rethink your decision. Ayurveda says that yogurt, a probiotic, should not be paired with mango or any sour fruit. Your breakfast bowl needs a revamp now, doesn’t it? 

These combinations are so common that we have stopped paying heed to the fact that they might after all to harmful for us. Ayurveda and its accuracy in terms of explaining food and health is pretty reliable. So, the next time you drink your milk-laden morning tea, think about it once.