Sole Meuniere: Tara Sutaria Devours This Classic French Dish
Image Credit: Tara Sutaria/Instagram, The actress is enjoying this French fish delicacy.

Food lovers in Bollywood, like Tara Sutaria, are too relatable to miss. This actor is not many movies old, but anyone who follows her closely would know how much she enjoys eating. A self-confessed foodie who also expressed that she rarely goes to the gym, and has a good metabolism, Tara loves indulging in her favourite foods. This time, it was a French treat that blew her mind away.

Tara took to her Instagram stories to share a glimpse of a delicious fish kept on a plate. She captioned it saying, “@brasseriezedel Missed you..And my favourite Sole Meuniere”. The whole fish kept on the plate had sprinkles of parsley, with loads of oil on the base and lemon wedges on the side. The dish looked very delicious and the name was quite intriguing. This is a classic dish from French cuisine that has been made since ages.

Sole Meuniere

Legend has it that the dish was first made in King Louis XIV’s court. The sole fish is also known as the king of fishes and this Sole Meuniere was the king’s favourite. However, there are other theories about the origin of this dish which state that it was named after the Meuniere family and the fish was supposedly found in the region of France where they lived. The dish is said to have been traditionally made with a whole Dover sole which was coated in flour to be pan-fried in butter later on.

This gave way to a sauce at the end and the fish was garnished with parsley and lemon juice. The light, simple and basic fish dish became a top choice during the king’s reign. Although there is no exact trace of its origin, the dish was brought into the eyes of the world through Julia Child. The American chef consolidated her food memories and accounts of France in her book, My Life In France, where she describes the Sole Meuniere as a ‘morsel of perfection’.

The dish gets its name from the method of preparation, where sole is the name of the whole fish while meuniere refers to miller in French which means flour. The lightly browned butter covering the fish, with potatoes, capers and tomatoes on the side was a delectable treat of French cuisine. Gradually, Julia travelled back to the US and introduced this marvel to the rest of the world.