Solapur Cuisine, A Platter Of Spicy, Piquant, And Sapid Flavours
Image Credit: Solapuri aamti, MadhurasRecipe Marathi@YouTube

In India, Solapur enjoys its identity as a hub of native cuisine laced with spiciness and widespread usage of peanuts in its culinary creations. There is, however, more to it. Due to its proximity to neighbouring states, the Maharashtrian city of Solapur has a mixed culture influenced by all three. The cuisine culture of Solapur also exhibits this trait. Many foods accompany Shenga chutney, a spicy concoction of peanuts, red chilli powder, salt, and other spices. There is an equally fascinating variety of sweets and desserts. 

Iconic dishes

Each city or location has its own unique cuisine culture. Sangam vada, mirchi pakoda, and this fiery, pungent amti are among the specialities of Solapur. The daily diet of the inhabitants includes dal. Sometimes eating the same dal every day gets boring. In such situations, many people resort to the unique, spicy amtithis from Solapur and enjoy them. You can eat it as soup, precisely as it is. During the rainy season, devouring amti is ecstasy. It is quite simple to make and has a fantastic, intense flavour. Due to the extensive jowar cultivation in Solapur, jowar bread is a staple cuisine. The other well-known food from this area is Khara Mutton, which can be either salty goat curry, mutton achar, or pickle.

Peanuts and sorghum rule the rest

The district of Solapur as it exists today is bounded by three river basins. It was once said to have been a part of the puranic Andhrabhritya dynasty's domain. Today, Solapur is the nation's top producer of jowar or sorghum, a millet with a long history that dates back at least 2000 years and is grown extensively throughout Western India. No wonder, jowar roti, is a favoured local delicacy.

Jowar rotis with pickle and salad, Image Source:

Likewise, due to their abundance, peanuts are used extensively in Solapur's cuisine. The use of peanuts is more prevalent here than it is in other regions of Maharashtra. The locals use this nut in myriad ways in their cuisine. Be it as a fiery chutney, a nutty flavouring agent, to infuse crunch or just to suffuse its nutrition. 

Vegetarian grubs most in demand in eateries 

For Maharashtrians and many other tourists, Solapur is a revered place of worship. The majority of visitors to Solapur are pilgrims who favour vegetarian cuisine. Solapur is home to many small and large vegetarian restaurants serving traditional Maharashtrian cuisine due to the city's high demand for sattvic foods. 

Solapur's temples' food

Jaggery lapshi, Image Source: aaple marathi kitchen@YouTube

Famous temples and other sacred sites abound in Solapur. During festival times, these temples offer food to the pilgrims that is referred to as "Mahaprasad." It is made temple's in-house kitchen. The mahaprasad begins with basic rice, lentils, and veggies. The highlight of this divine meal is lapsi or lapshi, a speciality of Solapur. Crushed or broken wheat is used to make it, along with sugar or jaggery. The gritty texture of the wheat used in this pudding gives it a distinctive flavour. Sheera is occasionally served as dessert in a spicy variation. Aamti is a tangy variant of dal with grounded spices that is sometimes included in Mahaprasad. Even though the food is free, it is nourishing and of excellent quality.

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