Soha Ali Khan Can Eat This Healthy Dish All Day, Everyday
Image Credit: Soha Ali Khan/Instagram, Eggs on avocado toast is her go-to breakfast treat.

What is the perception that one holds about someone belonging to a royal family and their eating habits? It is usually that they live life king-size and dine in a similar fashion too. While Soha Ali Khan definitely belongs to the Pataudi parivaar, her simple and down-to-earth approach towards life tells a different story. Her love for breakfast and favourite breakfast dish tells us the same.

While she’s not seen on screen that often now, we surely find her on social media, sharing tidbits of her day with her followers. One thing that can be commonly seen is her love for food. The actor enjoys her breakfast meals, and recently took to her Instagram stories to share her all-day breakfast dish. It was a toast loaded with mashed avocados and topped with a sunny side up.

This nutritious and healthy breakfast dish was all things wholesome and it was interesting to note how Soha liked eating it as an “all-day breakfast”, as she wrote in her story. It is said that avocados are super healthy and filling. This makes them a great ingredient for weight management. Apart from this, eggs are also a good source of protein, which makes them ideal for breakfast. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Soha indulging in something nutritious and healthy.

A while back, she shared a reel where she talked about the healthy foods that one can have for breakfast. She mentioned a few superfoods that one can include in one’s diet, like chia seeds and almonds. Other than that, she also swears by warm water and honey on an empty stomach and emphasizes on eating a balanced diet and including fruits like papaya and watermelon in the daily meals.

The healthy foodie not only maintains a strict fitness regime and dietary pattern for herself but also believes in cooking the right kind of food for her family. In a recent reel, we saw her chopping some yellow bell peppers, while she was being recorded on camera. She captioned it, “What can one do with yellow capsicum?”. Now that is something even we are wondering. While she didn’t reveal her final cooking outcome, many users suggested in the comments that it could be added to pastas and salads.