5 Tips To Fix Your Baking Faux Pas

Over the course of the coronavirus-induced lockdown, baking became a much sought-after hobby, the smell of vanilla and butter wafting through the kitchen prompting a soothing, warm feeling in rather uncertain times. Now, baking a cake made with simple ingredients including butter, sugar, flour and eggs is hardly a daunting task but there are some rare moments when the cake refuses to turn out right. It is either too brown or overcooked or sometimes moist at the centre.

If a cake comes out of the oven raw and undercooked, fret not, there are ways to fix it. In fact, rescuing an undercooked or under-baked cake batter is quite doable and the end result will hardly betray the repair that went into the baking process. Read on for some handy tips to fix cake that is undercooked or unevenly cooked or has just remained moist at the centre:

Put The Cake Back In the Oven

One of the easiest ways to fix undercooked cake is to put it back in the oven. This is especially necessary if the cake appears raw after the toothpick test. Sometimes, raw cake can be the result of lowered temperature or inadequate baking time. Pop the cake back in the oven for a few more minutes to let it cook evenly.

Cover With Foil

Sometimes a cake can appear evenly brown and cooked on the surface but have a moist centre. At such times, take the warm baking tin out of the oven, cover it with foil and put it back for 10-15 minutes. This will ensure that the cake cooks from within without the risk of burning or over-browning its outermost, cooked layer.

Cut Out The Undercooked Bit

Sometimes, the placement of the baking tin can be such that it leads to an unevenly baked cake. If the baking tin inches towards one side of the oven, the heat cannot be distributed uniformly, cooking certain parts of the cake and leaving others raw and runny. While it might be difficult to bake the whole cake at the such times, simply cut out the raw parts and serve the cooked caked slices as pastries. Put some cream frosting on top for added goodness.

Regulate The Heat

Every oven is different and the temperature within every kitchen varies depending on multiple factors. Regulate the temperature of the OTG or your microwave convection to ensure that the cake gets adequate heat to cooks properly. If the timer goes off, and the cake feels too brown on top but moist inside or undercooked at the bottom, the heat needs to be adjusted for an even bake. At such times, try lowering the temperature and pop the baking tin back in to let the cake cook for a while.

Microwave The Cake

A rather neat trick, this is particularly useful if the cake is only slightly undercooked or moist. Take the baking tin out of the oven and place it in the microwave so that the cake cooks on the residual heat without cooling down rapidly. This will also retain the shape of the cake and prevent it from sinking after the baking process is complete.