Snacks With Pav: 7 Tantalising Creations For Late-Night Snacking
Image Credit: Mumbai Vada Pav | Freepik

Pav can be referred to as one of the most loved breads in India. From the iconic pav bhaji to street foods like vada pav, dabeli and many other dishes, pav is presented in many different ways to make a wholesome treat for any time of the day.

Beyond Indian borders, pav bread is widely used in various countries for making sliders, breakfast rolls, barbecue accompaniments, mini burgers and fusion dishes.

If you have some leftover pav bread and vegetables at home, you can make thousands of recipes to pair with your late-night fun. Here are some ideas that you must try when you want a quick and delicious snack.

1) Breakfast Sliders

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Breakfast sliders essentially contain some common protein along with cheese, vegetables and condiments, all nestled within the toasted pav bread. Seasonings like salt, pepper, and sometimes herbs like chives or coriander are used to enhance the flavour. This no-cook recipe only requires assembly, and you can eat it however you want on the bed.

2) Cheese Pav

A grilled cheese sandwich with pav bread is a must-try combination for several reasons. Grilled pav becomes deliciously golden brown, and the gooey cheese filling gives it a contrasting texture on the inside that melts in the mouth. The fluffiness of pav makes it even better than the traditional grilled cheese, and you can pair it with tomato soup or bhaji.

3) Vegetable Pav Sandwich

In the place of normal sliced bread, you can use pav bread to make your unique vegetable sandwich whenever you crave something delicious. Combine all the vegetables of your choice, stir fry if you don't like it raw, and place it in the slitted pav bread to enjoy the no-fuss snack.

4) Pav Pizza

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Fluffy pav bread, when combined with delicious pizza toppings, becomes an instant hit appetiser for parties and dinners. Just make a hole in the pav, fill it up with cheese, veggies, and seasonings, and bake until the pav gets crispy and the fillings cook. Enjoy it as a pull-apart pizza.

5) Pav Bruschetta

Pav bruschetta is a fusion dish that combines Indian pav with Italian bruschetta toppings.  It typically features diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and spices like chaat masala on top of the buttered and toasted pav bread. Whether you are having a night dinner or a late-night movie snack, this recipe is sure to delight you.

6) Chocolatey Pav

Filling pav with nutella or chocolate sauce is how you make yourself some delicious chocolatey pav nibbles. Much like the breakfast nutella toast, this recipe gets, even more, indulging with the fluffiness of pav bread. For the cravings for something sweet, this sweet pav recipe will satisfy your hunger.

7) Pav Chaat

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Go creative by transforming your pav bread into a tantalising street-style chaat. Just slice the pavs into bite-sized pieces and top with tangy chutneys, yoghurt, onions, tomatoes, and crispy sev. Toss it up and eat it slowly to enjoy the flavours.