5 Healthy Handy Snacks For Your Handbag
Image Credit: Pexels.com

Snacking is always fun whether you’re stuck in traffic, missed a meal, or want to tame those cravings. However, giving in to the urge to snack can often be a not-so-good thing for the body because, after all, we are what we eat! So, it’s important to snack on things that taste good and do you good! While there are infinite snacking options out there, here’s a list of the ones that are not only healthy but also convenient, non-messy while you are on the go:

  1. Protein Bombs: It is better to eat something healthy whenever you are hungry. Protein bombs from Phab, one of the leading nutrition and snack brands, are among the finest choices for energy snacks. They are bite-sized protein-rich truffles that are delicious and equally nutritious. They contain 20% protein, more than 50% nuts, including pistachio, almonds, and cashew, and just a pinch of less than 1g of sugar to make your tastebuds happy! Undoubtedly, your tastebuds will-nut let them go! (pun intended). Convenient and perfect while you’re on the go, pop the pack whenever you’d want to snack!
  2. Protein Bar: Having something chewy that has a fruity taste, and is delicious, could be one of the best snacks ever. This Bar is a combination of all these. This pack has 6 bars in it. Each bar has around 8 grams of protein, 7 grams of fibre, and 10 grams of whole grain. No artificial ingredients and no preservatives have been added.  
  3. Yoghurt: Yoghurt is beneficial for our health. It is high in protein, calcium, vitamins, probiotics, and other wholesome ingredients. Epigamia offers different flavours like mango, vanilla, strawberry, etc., making it taste good. They don't add any synthetic savours or any preservatives. It is entirely organic. 
  4. Upma: Upma is rich in fibre, vitamins, and healthy fats. This is an excellent choice for your breakfast as it is a rich source of fibre. It's also beneficial for the heart as it is free from unhealthy cholesterol. In addition, Haldiram’s upma has no added flavours and preservatives. 
  5. Multigrain chips: Multi-grains are a mix of different grains. You get wholesome nutrition in a single pack. So Too Yumm offers multi-grain chips that give holistic nutrition. This snack is not fried but is baked. Having an oil-free snack helps you in maintaining cholesterol levels.