Slurrp Exclusive- Some Delectable Curry Flavours Delivered At Your Doorstep
Image Credit: Currynama

Since pandemic hit the word, each one of us has been trying to find comfort inside our homes and slowly that has become a way of life. And interesting this saw the rise of cloud kitchens and home deliveries.

One such delivery brand is Currynama, from the house of Seven Seas that comes with a legacy of 25 years. This delivery only Indian cuisine place boasts of using traditional Indian spices and the best local ingredients and most of their dishes sees a modern interpretation to create a classic yet unique culinary experience. The packaging might look paper but the catch here is all those reused paper that has been recycled from their hotel. 

The menu that was delivered home saw Paneer in Banana Leaf, Kakori Kebab Taco, Dhungaare Murgh Tikka, Dum Ghosht Biryan , Laccha Parantha/Plain Parantha, Dum Ka Murgh, Mix Vegetable Raita, Nariyal aur ka Brûlée

Very well hygienically packed that food was delivered pipping hot. As we opened do gorge in, the aroma filled the air and wow , the 'Dhungaare Murgh Tikka’ (Age old recipe, Masaledar chicken morsels, Smoke infused by Dhungar technique) , ‘Fish in Banana leaf’( chicken cooked with herbs and spices )and  ‘Kakori Kebab Tacos’ were absolutely well done to the tee, jam-packed with flavours. From the starters we shifted to the main couse that saw Laccha Paratha, some dum ghost biriyani along with Dum Ka Murgh (chicken cooked with herbs and spices), Mushroom do Pyaza (cooked with caramelized onion & tomato gravy. Tossed with onions and flavoured with spices).

They recently ventured into the food delivery space and I had been eager to try how well can they preserve the quality and presentation of all the dishes they’ve been serving the guests at the countless wedding catering gigs that they’ve hosted. It was when they opened their new outlet in GK that I got try some of the gems of their menu.