Slurrp Exclusive- Neha Gupta On Her Bistro That Is All About Some Crafted Modern European And Artisanal Fare
Image Credit: Beyond Designs Bistro

Whether you want to grab a quick coffee or plan a work lunch with your team or indulge in a romantic dinner with your loved ones, the charming French-styled restaurant offers the right kind of atmosphere. Beyond Designs Bistro, by Neha Gupta – Founder & Restaurateur sees many enticing home dining options, including a scrumptious breakfast in the bed, to avail. The menu is updated seasonally to include the best and freshest ingredients into their dishes that pack a flavourful punch.

On being quizzed about her inspiration for the trade Neha replies “For me the inspiration was the fascination I have had for unique shopping-cum-dining options I explored abroad while travelling. There was something so immensely satisfying in that experience where you are browsing great products and then having a laidback time at the café middle of a beautifully done up environment. That was the starting point. Since we had the space and opportunity at our Beyond Designs flagship store to execute this idea, we gave it a go”. 

This unique concept restaurant where food meets art, delighting its patrons with experimental fare and artisanal baked goodies. The charming French-styled bistro presents meticulously crafted Modern European cuisine, along with some lip-smacking Asian fare. Also being a trained architect and an interior designer who has always been interested in many creative endeavours and having worked in the interior design space for many years before she tried my hand at hospitality. She says “Entrepreneurship is something that I discovered along the way. When I had an idea in my mind, and I knew that it was something that is doable, I would go ahead with it in consultation with my husband. It was instinctive. The lessons I have learned on the way are that hard work and trusting one’s instincts and good faith never fails. One needs complete focus on the project on hand, need to have a good team, train them well, make them understand your vision and sensitise them to the details that are precious to you.

The baked treats include flaky mini croissants that crumble in the mouth with the goodness of butter, and flavourful mini muffins and mini pesto buns. Dishes like chicken shepherd pie, couscous salad and chicken sandwich are finger-licking good and sumptuous. The best part is the attractive packing. Further adding on what goes behind the carefully crafted menus and home dining options she adds “Having the finger on the pulse of the customers, knowing what are their preferences and needs at a particular moment, what are the changing attitudes regarding food, etc., help in designing our carefully crafted menus and dining options. During lockdown, when people were missing fine dining experiences, we designed home dining kits that allowed them to experience fine dining at their own home enjoying some fine food in an elegant manner. Then we realized people on Keto diet plan were looking for some interesting options, so we launched the Keto menu. A big Breakfast in Bed plan was designed make one feel really special on waking up”. They have launched a unique Breakfast in Bed concept that lets you wake up to a scrumptious spread of healthy and delicious food. Her creativity and interest is clearly seen in in about combining design and food to which she says “food and a beautifully designed ambiance create exceptional memories, and that’s what we wanted to do with the Bistro. Sitting here in our bistro you would be instantly transported to a charmingly designed Parisian bistro, and the food just completes the experience. So, it’s been a great feeling being able to offer this unique experience to our patrons”.