Slurrp Exclusive- Khajoor Halwa by Chef Izzat Hussain
Image Credit: Khajoor Halwa

With history of Indian cuisine dating back to many centuries old and desserts have always occupied a very important place.  One such desserts is the Halwa that traces its roots in the Ottoman Empire sees a huge line of lineage. At that point of time Halwa was supposed to be prepared only with three ingredients - starch, fat and sweetener. While some say that this dish trace back to the Byzantine empire sometime before the 12th century CE. In all the recipe traces that one finds sugar was the common sweetener that was used. Dates, nuts and other spices were used to add to flavour and taste to the dish. Talking about the various halwa that we see today like Gajar ka halwa, moong daal halwa, gosht ka halwa, lauki ka halwa or any all of these are known to have some health benefits. One most beneficial is Khajoor Halwa that sees no sugar in the recipe. Loaded with dates, pistachios, almonds, cardamom this dessert helps you keep warm during winter too. 

Chef Izzat Hussain who belongs to the royal family of Awadh has shared his unique recipe of this halwa without the use of sugar. His unique cooking techniques, this might come as a surprise but it is true that Chef Izzat does not use water in the cooking, not only this he is not adding Curd in the cooking process. His food is extremely based on medical logic thus his dishes are digestive, immunity booster and tasty. As he is not using any artificial colour, adding no preservatives , in cooking with less oil and requisite spices in the cooking process his food is completely different from any other food in the food world. For his light food & fingers licking taste Chef has become a first choice amongst Indian families and Indian food lovers, some of his splendid dishes and signature dishes which are very famous are, Kaju Zaafraani Biryani, Kaju Palak, Muon Nahari, Mutton Badami Qurma, Murgh Begum Pasand, Murg Kalapasi, Mutton Qurma, Muon/ Chicken Zafrani Biryani, Shahi Grilled Sheermaal and the most popular IZZAT KI ROTI, in sweet course Badami Halwa, Enjeer Halwa, Pakeezah Feerni. Chef Izzat Husain is a freelance consulting chef & famous for Royal Lucknowi, North Indian Mughlai food.  Priced at 1200 per kg, this halwa by Chef Dr Izzat Husain from Indian Splendid is a perfect winter delight.


    Dates 500 grams

    Samolina 75  grams.

    Olive oil 150 grams. 

    Milk one litre.

    Multiple dry fruits of your choice. 

    Cottage Cheese 100 gram grated.


    De seed all dates and put in a mixture jar add some milk and make a paste of dates. 

    Take a pan add olive oil with semolina put on medium fire stair till semolina gets semi brown. 

    Now put entire dates paste and stir till this paste get absorbed oil. 

    Now add the rest milk.

    Stair well,  water from milk must be reduced and oil comes  on the top. 

    Now add grated cheese and off your burner. 

    This no sugar dish is ready to serve, garnish with dry fruits of your choice in your favourite platter. 

Note: sugar is not needed as dates are sweet