Slurrp Exclusive: Kabir Jeet Singh On The Rise Of Big Punjabi Burgers
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Kabir Jeet Singh is here to satisfy you with the most demanding product. Having studied through two master’s degrees, Kabir has expertise in determining places, managing supply chains and launching operations down to the last mile. Since studying, Kabir has been fascinated with flavours and making burgers. He brings the tastes from across India to Burger Singh and changes stoic Western staples to quintessentially Indian savours. In 2014 he founded Burger Singh and had been taking the brand through a 600% YoY growth trajectory. Kabir’s vision is to spread Indian flavours worldwide.

Tell us about your Eureka moment when you decided to launch Burger Singh

No one can choose when inspiration strikes, and more often than not, business ideas spawn during routine daily tasks in life, and the story of how Burger Singh came to be is no different. I worked part-time at a burger joint while studying in the UK. At the end of the shift, free burgers were one of the job's perks, but I got bored of eating the same burgers every day, which eventually led me to start experimenting by mixing some Indian spices with the patties. These modified Burgers with Indian flavours became an instant hit with my colleagues, and they started calling me 'Burger Singh'. That was my Eureka moment, and there was no looking back after that moment. After that, I came to India, did thorough R&D, understood consumer demands, and launched Burger Singh with a team that shared my vision of creating India's largest Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain. There are three things Indians love in food: Great flavours, vegetarian options, and affordable prices. So we have taken India's favourite flavours and fused them with the world's favourite fast food product: the burger! 

What's your next step for Burger Singh?

We've recently crossed the 60+ outlets milestones and witnessed a 193 % growth from last year.  For Burger Singh, the next step would be to make the Burger Singh Experience available in tier 2 & 3 cities. There is immense potential in these cities, as outlined by an Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) report that found that the annual spending of middle-class households on fast-food restaurants in India's Tier-II and III cities has grown by 108% in the last two years (From Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,200). As a result, we plan to add 80 more outlets by the end of FY-2022, taking the total count to 130.