Slurrp Exclusive: Kabir Bose On Handcrafted Burgers And Capital’s Growing Love For The Same
Image Credit: Burgerama | Slurrp Exclusive: Kabir Bose On Big, Bold Burgers And Capital’s Growing Love For The Same

It seems like the Delhi has suddenly woken up to the power of ‘artisanal’ burgers and we are not complaining. It was about time don’t you think? Off late, we have seen several home-grown brands venturing in the market, giving us one too many reason to grab a burger that is made from scratch. The juicy patty, the crispy veggies, the pickle, sauces, smears and more all of these factors come together to make Burgerama’s burgers truly sensational. At the helm of affairs is Kabir Bose, the Shri Ram School & Middlesex University Alumni and an amatuer chef, the CMO of the company Vivek Prakash and CFO Viraaj Bhadwar, both Doon school alumini, both committed to give Delhi the taste of best handcrafted burgers. We caught up with the chef and CEO of Burgerama recently who got candid about his inspirations, favourite burgers and comfort food. 

1. What made you venture in the market of artisanal, handcrafted burgers?

Quite simply, we were tired of waiting for our next trip abroad to get our hands on a good old juicy cheeseburger, so, instead, we decided to create our own. Our objective behind venturing into the handcrafted burger market was to create a brand that delivers high quality, delicious & easy-to-eat comfort food that hits the mark every single time.

We wanted to position Burgerama as a fast-casual brand where our priority were customer satisfaction and to provide a made-for-delivery, authentic burger experience delivered in eco-friendly packaging to the comfort of your own home.

2. Where have you had the best burger of your life? 

We are always on a mission to find the best burgers wherever we travel to. It’s hard to nail down one singular experience, but some of the formative experiences that have helped shape Burgerama as a brand include meals at Shake Shack, In & Out, FIve Guys, Daniel Thaiger, Hardees and Smashburger to name a few.

3. Which burger on your menu are you most proud of?

The Bacon Cheeseburger is probably our most proud creation. This was the craving that we found uncatered to before we began Burgerama. The simplicity of this product can be quite misleading because of of how few elements are involved but the true symphony of flavours and satisfaction comes from the proportions and finishes of each element and how they come together to sing as one. 

4. Three tips to make the best burgers?

A few notable tips we recommend keeping in mind while making your burgers are: making patties with a small cavity in the middle as well as keeping the patty cold until it hits the grill.

We also recommend using the right meat to fat ratio & to not to overwork it. Using a hot grill & flipping your burgers only once instead of constant turning them helps keep them succulent and not dry out the meat. 

5. A tip or hack to reheat your burgers so that the flavour and crunch is retained?

Reheating our burgers is very simple. Literally 15 seconds in the microwave is enough to rekindle them from room temperature. If you take them out from the fridge the heating time needs to be longer but some degree of crispiness on the charred insides of the buns will get lost.  

6. Apart from burgers, what is your favourite comfort food?

Crunchy Fried Chicken has always been a close second for us when it comes to comfort food; something you can find in the Burgerama menu in the form of delectable fried chicken wings in our side section.

7. The side dishes you love to have with your burgers.

Crunchy, lightly seasoned Onion Rings are our go to side dish to pair perfectly with our cheeseburgers and they also serve as a fantastic appetizer. Other side dishes include our Burgerama fries served with a choice of dip as well as our signature Popcorn Chicken and our interpretation of Chicken Corn Dogs. 

8. Your favorite kitchen tool.

Our favorite kitchen tool without a doubt is the spatula as it serves numerous purposes from flipping fried patties to serving food. Spatulas are especially useful for mixing wet and dry ingredients together, as well as scraping the sides of mixing bowls for those flavourful bits. 

Our go to Spatula is a silicone spatula as not only is it heat resistant, but it is also soft and pliable, which means it maintains its original shape & it does not damage Teflon or any other non-stick coatings.