Slurrp Exclusive: Homechef Chirag Thakur Gets Candid About Love For Cooking, Punjabi Food And More
Image Credit: Chirag Thakur

The internet is buzzing with recipe videos and it is indeed an interesting time to be a home chef, but there are challenges aplenty. Chirag Thakur offers us a handy insight; from lighting, to ingredients, the final ‘look’ of the dish, there’s so much one needs to take into account for the recipe to standout, she says. What keeps her going you ask? The sheer love for cooking, she proclaims. As a kid, she would watch her mother create magic in her kitchen. From the sizzling masalas to the rattling of karchis, little Chirag would watch everything in awe, until she went to hostel and had to take control in her hands. Now of course, she is not only a pro in kitchen, but also one of the social media creators to watch out for. We caught up with Chirag where she spilled beans about her cooking inspirations, her comfort food and love for Punjabi food. Excerpts... 

1. When did you start cooking? Who taught you how to cook? 

Since my childhood I have been keen on seeking and learning what and how my mother cooked. Then as I grew up in a hostel I used to try and experiment with the ingredients available. For me full-time cooking started after my marriage in 2017. 

As they say, mother is your first guru. In my case it is no different as my mother not only taught me how to cook but other valuable lessons in the kitchen too.  

2. Why do you love Slurrp Community? 

Slurrp community is full of talented people. From here I have learnt a lot about different types of cuisines. It also helps in planning my meals for the day and that saves me a lot of time. I would highly recommend everyone to explore the Slurrp app. 

3. What does cooking mean to you? 

For me cooking is therapeutic. 

4. What do you think you cook the best? 

Born and brought up in Punjabi family, I believe I cook Punjabi cuisine best. 

5. What is your comfort food? 

Rajma-Chawal is peace to me. 

6. Do you have a fond memory associated with food or cooking you would like to share? 

Yes, recently my experience of live cooking with Slurrp is such an experience I’d like to count as memorable. 

7. Who is your cooking role model? 

To name one person wouldn’t be fair. I am influenced by many great chefs in the world. 

8. Take us through your day, how do you decide what do you want to cook? How do you shoot and plan to release your videos/photos.   

I am pre-planner, I love to plan my day beforehand. So, for me if I have to shoot a drink the next day, I will be ready with ingredients and tableware a day prior.  

I generally shoot my videos in the sunlight so I prefer the time when the Sun in not very harsh like morning or evening. 

9. What inspired you to bring your cooking to social media? 

My passion for clicking food photos drove me towards starting my food journey on social media. 

10. If we only had 10 minutes and basic ingredients, which recipe would you recommend us? 

I would recommend Aloo ki sabzi (Tamatar aloo) 

11. Most useful cooking hack or tip you would like to give out to beginners. 

Paneer Tikka can be made on sandwich griller. Do give it a try.