Slurrp Exclusive: Home Chef Alison Lethorn On What Food Means To Her

With her own YouTube Channel and over 6000 followers on Instagram, home chef Alison Lethorn, who lives in Noida, has been posting her recipes online for a while. Born and raised in Nagaland, Alison moved to Delhi when she was 8 years old and has called the city home ever since. 

Earlier, Alison held a corporate job which she left a couple of years ago to be able to spend time raising her daughter, Kaira. She thought of resuming work, but then explored a different side of herself when she realised how much she loved cooking and wanted to pursue that passion. “I still have a long way to go but in the meanwhile I’m enjoying the journey,” she says. We chat with the home chef to understand what food and cooking mean to her. 

How did you get into food and cooking?

Cooking comes to me naturally but I never thought I’d ever do anything with it. It was during the first lockdown that my husband, Shelton encouraged me to open my YouTube channel and Instagram page and since then, I haven’t stopped. He is my biggest support and one of the reasons I’ve been able to pursue what I love doing wholeheartedly. I realised this was my true calling, a platform for me to be able to share my recipes and connect with people who share a similar interest.

Who taught you to cook?

My mother. She is a fabulous cook and although I do a lot of reading and research on recipes, it’s always important to know the basics and that is something I’ve learnt from her. 

Who are your cooking role models?

My mother. She aims for perfection when she cooks, right from chopping to getting each ingredient right, everything is so perfectly done. It’s something I’m still trying to master from her. Also, I love watching Chef Kunal Kapoor’s recipes (he is outstanding).

What do you cook best?

My family seems to love the way I make mutton biryani, so whenever there is an occasion, I’m the one who is literally thrown into the kitchen.

What does cooking mean to you?

Everything! It brings out the best in me! Something that took me a while to realise but I’m glad I did. It makes me happy to be able to turn out a good dish and see my family and friends enjoying the meal. 

What is your fondest food-related memory?

It was during Christmas a few years ago when the entire family was together and we had the most hearty meal for breakfast. I still remember my brother had made roasted chicken and even baked bread and buns. It sure was a happy time. 

What are your favourite places to eat at in Delhi and NCR?

I’ve always enjoyed eating at Karim’s, one of the oldest places that serves the best biryani and kebabs. Other than that, Big Chill has always a favourite when it comes to Italian cuisine. 

What are three ingredients that you can't do without?

Salt - a mandatory ingredient.

Fresh coriander - I use it in almost anything Indian that I cook. 

Kashmiri chilli - adds that lovely red colour to my curries.

Why do you love the Slurrp Community?

Many reasons. I think it’s a great platform for home chefs like me to be able to put forward our recipes and be recognised. There are recipes from around the world, and different regions in India which are so insightful. To sum it up, Slurrp is quirky, fun and absolutely refreshing!