A trained culinary professional recognized for a comprehensive knowledge of international and Indian cuisine, an innovative method to set the stage for a customized dining experience. Chef Amit Kumar Singh has over 15 years of progressive experience in managing the provision of fine dining for resorts hotels:

  1. Refining the art of cooking
  2. Developing impressive menus
  3. Organizing culinary dishes influenced by culturally myriad areas around the world

As an Executive Chef at Renest Jaipur, he is responsible for developing the hotel's reputation through excellent quality food and creating a high-quality kitchen brigade, besides bringing in innovation at every stage of food production. He has vast experience working with brands like Leela and Ananta Spa and Resorts. His professional approach and ability to thrive in pressure situations are his core competencies. Singh is undoubtedly committed to leaving patrons with a memorable dining experience.


What is your childhood memory of cooking?

I watched my mother prepare every meal with the same interest and excitement, whether for only me or many guests.

Share some ideas for the quickest munchies we can prepare for a movie night with family and friends?

Jhalmuri with spicy green chilli blend and mustard oil makes for an easy yet tastiest recipe to relish on a fun movie night.

What made you pursue cooking?

First of all, I am foody, so I always wanted to experiment with different recipes. So, it all started with my cravings and love for food, which later turned into pleasure or obsession with watching people relish my dishes.

What is your biggest lesson or takeaway as a chef during the lockdown?

Pandemic gave us time to evolve ourselves and enhance our skills in the available time. And this evolution should rather be constant. 

Now, with the slow opening of the world, what are the top 5 places you cannot wait to go to?

The first one is undoubtedly Goa, and I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and enjoying the breezy evenings. 2nd place would be my home town to enjoy my mom's magical mutton rice: 3rd, a week-long trekking adventure trip to Uttrakhand with my friends. I think these are enough to be covered shortly. 

Tell us about the journey, the roadblocks and the success 

My Journey was challenging; hence it kept my focus bang on. Being a small-town boy, it was never easy to convince my parents that cooking can also be a well-respected profession. We continue to face roadblocks or challenges in this ever-growing and dynamic industry. And Success to me is to influence society in such a way as to break the stereotypes and accept this profession as a full-time job so anyone can pursue it without any hesitation.

What is your favourite comfort food/recipe that you repeatedly cook?


At home, it is daal bhaat chokha and chatni ( Daal, Rice and Mashed Potatoes). I can eat it every alternate day. My favourite dish is my guests' love at work, and it is mutton rara. It is my most loved and most repeated recipe.

The pandemic has profoundly impacted the F&B industry. How has it affected you personally?

Pandemic has made us more resilient, personally, financially, and socially. We had to make some difficult decisions, which were tough on employees and the industry when it started. F&B industry is still struggling to come out of it ultimately, and so are we.


Did you see and try any food trends becoming prominent shortly?

From the onset of the pandemic, the country has been levitating towards regional and micro cuisines. This is going to stay. Gatte ki sabzi, laal maas, ghevar..... these are a few local recipes that have gained popularity these days.

Any piece of advice for aspiring chefs?

I understand that you have chosen to be a chef, but you have to be like your mom to excel in this career. You have to marinate your interest and passion with the ingredients to make a mark on people’s souls. There is a saying that the route to your heart goes via your stomach. So focus on winning hearts; that will be the ultimate justification for your profession and trust me, it will make you feel immensely proud of whatever you’re doing.