Slurrp Exclusive: Decoding Rajasthani Thali With Chef Amit Kumar Singh
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Upon my recent visit to Renest, a hotel and resort located in Jaipur, I had the opportunity to experience their 'rajasthani thali'. Being overwhelmed by its taste, I decided to further converse with the chef to explore this cuisine. In an exclusive interaction with Amit Kumar Singh, the Executive Chef at Renest Jaipur, I learnt various facts and specific delicacies included in a Rajasthani meal.

All you need to know about a Rajasthani thali

India is a country of diversity. A country where delicious food is cooked in a different culture, caste, tradition and kitchen. So let's explore the food cooked in Rajasthan, the desert state of India. The beautiful massive forts the golden-looking desert reminds us of our old culture and knights. The colourful city, the heat of the desert and the food here will never let you down. Most of the state is full of Marwari people who prefer vegetarian food. So you too can enjoy the most delicious vegetarian food in different parts of the area. But in the city of Rajputs, you will get to taste delicious, spicy, hot meat curries, onion kachoris and mouth-watering sweets. However, the most remarkable thing about Rajasthani cuisine is that it's cooked in whole spices, enhancing its taste with the aroma of pungent herbs and spices.

  • Churma Laddu: Churma laddus are served on a Rajasthani thali as dessert. It is made in desi ghee and dry fruits, making it even more healthy.