Slurrp Exclusive Chef Shubham Thakur Strictly Says Never To Mix Wasabi And Soy Together
Image Credit: Chef Shubham Thakur, Chef De Cuisine – Megu, The Leela Palace New Delhi

Chef Shubham Thakur, currently Chef De Cuisine – Megu, The Leela Palace New Delhi, started his journey with Megu itself in 2015 and went on to work at Wasabi by Morimoto at Taj Mansingh in 2017. Today happens to be on the youngest expert Of Japanese cuisine. A master in both, traditional and modern Japanese cuisine, he has aced the art of innovation. His desire to create the perfect dish every time, has helped him designing the most exquisite and delightful meals.

Shubham loves to He loves to experiment with his presentations while whipping some delectable Japanese platters and what best, he loves spinning his magic at the live kitchen counter where guests can watch the thrill of his cooking techniques.

Let’s explore the world of Japanese flavours

    What has been your inspiration to this trade?

The intricacies and to strive for perfection was highly inspiring for me. The way simple flavours speak volumes for itself is amazing. 

    Why and when did you decided to work around Japanese cuisine?

I never planned to be in this cuisine but always had an affinity towards it. However, at Megu, I did get the chance to be a part of it and since then there has been no looking back.

It's a thrill to watch his cooking techniques 


    What trick and brainstorming goes when it comes to designing a new flavor or a menu? 

A lot of things, we need to be mindful of a lot of things like seasonality, demography, global market etc. So we have to be ever evolving with this so as to keep the ball rolling. Currently we are working on new concept and menu which is an amalgamation of great ideas, understanding of cultural and nuanced knowledge about the cuisine.

    Over the years what has been your most challenging project?

Every day is challenging and an opportunity to showcase our craft differently and creatively. And that is the beauty of living a chef’s life.

    What’s that one secret kitchen ingredients that can absolutely turn a dish around?

It is not a secret but a very powerful ingredient if used wisely is Kombu. Kombu can uplift the dish many folds when used wisely.

Shira Ae - Megu, The Leela Palace New Delhi

It’s changing for the good. We are known and looked forward to with the variety that we have on offer to the world. A lot of chef driven and change-making concepts are coming up which are motivating young aspiring chefs / restaurateurs to innovate.

    Did you ever had to improvise the Japanese flavor to fit the Indian palate? 

Improvisation is part of the play but we are mindful of keeping the values/sanctity of the cuisine intact. We always work cohesively with ingredients sourced from Japan and the ones picked domestically creating a perfect union of it. This is what happens around the globe, if you see a Japanese Omakase around the globe , they will always have influence of the demography as well.

    In the recent past one of your fav dining experiences and what made it special?

I ate at a one-star Michelin in Bangkok run by one of Asia’s best chef called Paste. It was an experience to cherish for the lifetime.

    What has been your pandemic takeaway?

That our possibilities and potential is limitless if we think in the right direction with clear purpose.

    Dos and Don'ts of Japanese cuisine

  • o    Never mix wasabi and soy together.
  • o    A fish is best tasted when slightly aged.
  • o    Always dip the fish in soy not the rice.