Slurrp Exclusive- Chef Prasad Metrani On His Culinary Journey
Image Credit: Raffles Udaipur

Prasad Metrani, Director of Culinary, at Raffles Udaipur is an acclaimed for his culinary prowess, mentorship and leadership skills and his diverse work exposure in both India and across the globe. He is proficient in a wide variety of global cuisines such as modern European, Indian, Arabic, Pan Asian and is an expert in developing unique dining concepts and adapting sustainable cooking techniques. 

Through his own personal quest for learning and experimenting, he has developed skills that focus on premium quality ingredients, nuanced cooking techniques and fresh, seasonal produce that inspire him to bring a fresh perspective to his dishes. He truly believes that food should bring ultimate happiness to diners and that the creative approach to cooking helps bring everyone together at the table. His vision is to build a community through his food and ultimate dining experiences.

In a chit chat with HTSlurrp he shares his culinary journey and experiences. 

    When conceptualizing a new project what are the few things that you always take care of?

Feasibility and ROI is two major things which comes to my mind while conceptualizing a new project.

    While designing a team what all things you take into consideration?

First thing I keep in mind is the amount of passion one individual is carrying and wht length they are ready to go for it. Also discipline plays a major role for me while forming a team because for me that’s the foremost important thing which comes to my mind first.

    Anyone visiting Raffels what can they expect on their table? How much of Rajasthan is there on the menu?

In Raffels it’s all about exploring the local food, apart from the basic all-time favourites like Butter Chicken and Pizzas and Roast Chicken, One can expect a good spread of local delicacy. 

To keep it in a ration 70% of my menu is inspired from the local sources and from the very same soil.

    Fusion food is gaining a lot of attention. What is your idea of Fusion food and what has been your best creation?

It’s an idea which is growing on popular demand as people always like to try all time classics in a different format. Its always good to see the classics foods getting reshaped and restructured. My favourite was back in my Fairmont days when I tried my hands on one of Rajasthan’s iconic dish Laal maas and to convert in to a more western main course.

    The culinary genius that you are how do you see the industry embracing age old recipes, old grains like amaranth, millet etc and sustainability as the way forward?

Lost recipes are the next things in trend, Now a days lot of people are going more curious about nutritional value of the foods and also people are looking for alternative food sources instead of classic ones, such things will soon become a global trend. 

    What is your idea of innovation when it comes to food?

Combining classic flavours/ composition with a new flavour or technique is the basic idea what I follow while innovating something new. Also my idea is always to keep a good focus on local ingredients and local cooking techniques also.

    What has been your idea of comfort food? What’s your fondest food memory?

Anything which is home cooked is my idea of comfort food. Humble ingredients simply cooked together without any complex cooking process added to the same.