Slurrp Exclusive: Chef Mayank Tiwari On Redefining Entertainment And Dining Spaces

Concept-driven restaurants and cafes are all the rage now. Despite the hit in businesses after COVID, the F&B industry is quite bold in terms of mixing luxury with dining, while making it high on concept and innovation.  With its luxury arm, ‘The Luxury Collection’, PVR Ltd is creating luxury cinematic experiences through a collection of world-class gourmet experiences, and at the helm of it is Chef Mayank Tiwari. After having travelled the world, rubbing shoulders with who’s who of the industry, chef Mayank, who has been previously associated with the Olive Bar and Kitchen and the Park Hotels, chef Mayank is determined to redefine entertainment with a touch of luxury indulgence. We sat down with the chef to talk about all things food and his drive to offer something unique. Excerpts...  

1. Tell us about the new menu at the PVR. What is the Luxury Collection? 

The new menu at PVR is a function of menu engineering as well as seasonal inspirations. The luxury collection is a selection of the marquee cinemas of PVR. 

2. Why did you feel the need to revamp the movie-watching experience? 

We value the quantum of time our patrons spend at our cinemas and to make this experience more wholesome, we have to continuously evolve our offerings.  

 3. You go-to snack for a movie night with friends. 

Sushi from Simply Sushi and the quintessential bucket of popcorn.  

4. A kitchen tool you are obsessed with right now. 

My slow cook oven with an inbuilt smoker. 

 5. A go-to ingredient that you think can really transform a dish:   

It is always a combination of things, but if I had to pick one, it would be garlic. 

 6. A dish that makes you very nostalgic 

Dal Bati, reminds me of all those outdoor lunches at my mango plantation 

 7. What is your comfort food? 

A good bowl of Pasta.     

8. Most bizarre request you have ever heard from a diner. 

After all these years no request seems bizarre. We value our patron’s dining preferences.  

9. Can you share a recipe from the Luxury Collection with us. 

 Shira ae  

Tofu spinach mix

  • tofu 100 gm 
  • spinach 65 gm 
  • salt pinch 
  • pepper pinch 

Sesame sauce 

  • atari goma white( sesame paste) 45 gm 
  • rice vinegar 35 ml 
  • breakfast sugar 15 gm 
  • sesame oil 8 ml 
  • light soy sauce 15 ml 


  • white sesame seed 
  • sorrel leaves 
  • sesame oil 


Tofu spinach mix 

  1. Press & Squeeze out the water from tofu with help of muslin cloth. 
  2. Boil spinach finely chops it & add it to pressed tofu. 
  3. Add salt & black pepper to it. 
  4. Give it a rectangular shape

Sesame sauce 

  1. In a clean & sanitize bowl, mix Atari goma & breakfast sugar & whisk well. 
  2. Add rice vinegar & sesame oil gradually & whisk until emulsified.


  1. Place the rectangular piece of tofu spinach. 
  2. Pour the sauce 
  3. Garnish it with sesame seed, sorrel leaves & sesame oil.