Slurrp Exclusive: Chef Fahad On Waking Mumbai Up To Handcrafted Burgers
Image Credit: Chef Fahad On Waking Mumbai Up To Handcrafted Burgers

Mumbai is no stranger to burgers, but the growing love for the handcrafted, artisanal ones is truly worth the attention. Customising burgers; choosing everything from the bun, the veggies, greens, sauces and meat does add to the experience, and taking this burger-eating experience a notch higher is Chef Fahad Badri, who along with Saahil Badri, opened a fast-food Deli and Pizza Delivery joint in 2014, before shifting focus to an extensive burger menu that launched in the year 2015. Located in Bandra West, Frisbees became synonymous with deliciously loaded burgers over the time

From classic to quirky burgers, the menu is definitely something that would leave burger lovers spoilt for choice. They take immense pride in introducing Mumbai to the ‘Cheese Bomb Burger’, which has now become commonplace in most Mumbai cafes. As you may have guessed, it is a burger oozing with loads and loads of melted cheese. Additionally, they have also earned loyal patrons, who keep coming back for their in-house buns, flavoured sauces, non-frozen meat and hand-cut fried.  

Chef Fahad got candid with us about his journey in our freewheeling chat. 

1. What made you venture in the market of artisanal, handcrafted burgers

Back in 2014, when we started, we used to do pizzas, burgers, pastas salads and more. Shortly after we started we saw a sharp increase in burger sales. We then did a bit of market research and saw that the demand was there but there weren't any great burger joints around. And numbers never lie. So we pivoted completely and focused on burgers and gourmet burgers in particular. Our four original burgers are still on the menu and are crowd favourites to this day. 

2. Where have you had the best burger of your life, can be India or abroad.

Burgers as a concept came into my life as a child. I remember when McDonald's opened it was all the rage. It was new and caught my attention immediately. I still maintain that they used to have some great tasting burgers when they started. Apart from that, the Hearsch bakery is my go-to comfort burger place...Woodside inn serves some very good gourmet burgers 

3. Which burger on your menu are you most proud of?

Fry Daddy Chicken and Old Steve Lamb burger. Oldies but goodies. Great way to introduce yourself to our burgers. 

4. Three tips to make the best burgers? 

Buttery buns, good cheese and fresh proteins.

5. A tip or hack to reheat your burgers so that the flavour and crunch is retained? 

Retaining all of the crunch is not possible unless the burger is deconstructed and each ingredient is packed separately. Once assembled and packed one could reheat it in an oven at a low temperature or pan-grill it to retain some of the crunch. 

6. Apart from burgers, what is your favourite comfort food?

My go-to comfort food is butter chicken, garlic naan and dal makhani. Also haleem and biryani are my go-to favourites. Love the complexity of flavours that the sub-continent has to offer. I also enjoy Thai curry a lot.  

7. The side dishes you love to have with your burgers. 

Fries and onion rings. 

8. Your favourite kitchen tool.

 A good sharp all-purpose knife.