Singhara Chow: The Underrated Favourite From Kolkata's Chinatown

Most foodies in Kolkata are familiar with Tangra, often known as Kolkata’s Chinatown owing to the number of Chinese restaurants that are located in the area and the Chinese communities who live in and around the area. ‘Tangra Chinese’ is essentially a version of Kolkata-style Chinese food which makes use of local condiments to make Chinese food, some of which rely on old-school Chinese recipes that have been made for decades.

While dishes like Hakka noodles, Kolkata-style chilli chicken, lemon fish and moon wontons are quite popular with foodies, there are plenty of underrated delicacies which are made across Tangra. One such overlooked dish is the hearty singhara chow, which is not nearly as spicy as most Tangra specialities and yet it’s quite filling.

Singhara chow is essentially a version of wonton noodles but made with a Tangra-style relish which makes it so delicious. It features steamed wonton mee noodles cooked with Chinese cabbage served with a bowl of piping-hot broth, topped with delicate, house-made steamed wontons, a handful of crunchy spring onion and some pak choy. 

Most restaurants across tangra make fresh handmade noodles from scratch and the wontons too are made in-house; in fact the freshness of the dish is a major component for its wholesome taste. Singhara chow is usually served with a side of the signature old-school Chinese red chilli sauce which is known for its zest. However, the USP of this delicacy lies elsewhere. 

The noodles are made by mixing in some pork fat or pork lard which adds a savory depth to the noodles and can help prevent them from sticking together. The fat coats the noodles, enhancing their texture and flavour and adds extra moisture, making the noodles more succulent. Though singhara chow is one of the most unmissable dishes, if you want more flavour and a little more zing, go for the kaptai noodles which feature glossy hand-pulled noodles topped with juicy pork cooked in brown savoury gravy.