Singhada Recipes: 5 Ways to Add Water Chestnut During the Season

As autumn rolls in, nature generously presents us with a variety of mouthwatering and healthy seasonal fruits, including the delightful water chestnut. Water chestnuts are a nutritional treasure that can be found in abundance from October to November. Not only do they enhance the flavours of various dishes, but they also bring health benefits to the table. Water chestnuts are famous for their crunchy texture and deliciously sweet, nutty flavour, as well as being rich in important nutrients and minerals. This humble fruit is commonly used in various Asian cuisines and can be used in a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes. Here, we explore five delightful ways to incorporate water chestnuts into your diet and reap their numerous health benefits. 

Stir-Fried Water Chestnuts 

If you're looking for a quick and delightful way to savour the crunchiness of water chestnuts, stir-frying them is a fantastic option. To start, you'll want to peel the water chestnuts and then slice them into thin rounds or add them as a whole. Heat up a wok or skillet and add a small amount of oil. Then, begin to stir-fry the singharey along with your preferred seasonings such as garlic, soy sauce, and a touch of spice. Thus, creating a delectable and healthy side dish that pairs well with various main courses. 

Water Chestnut Soup 

Water chestnut soup is a comforting and healthy choice. The chestnuts have a tender and crisp texture that perfectly complements the creamy soup base. To create this dish, simply mix together finely chopped water chestnuts with ingredients such as chicken or vegetable broth, cornflour, and your preferred seasonings. Let the chestnuts simmer until they become tender, creating a cosy and comforting soup that offers a delightful crunch. 

Water Chestnuts Raw 

You can enjoy water chestnuts just as they are, in their raw form. They make for a refreshing and hydrating snack option. You can simply peel them and enjoy them as they are, or you have the option to slice them thinly. Either way, they make for a delicious and satisfying snack that provides a crunchy and nutritious alternative to chips or other processed snacks. The natural sweetness of these makes them a great option for a light and healthy snack. 

Water Chestnut Pickle 

Water chestnut pickles add a delightful tang to any meal. Take water chestnuts and pickle them in a delicious brine that's made with vinegar, spices, and just a hint of sugar. This delightful addition enhances your dishes, giving them a pop of flavour and making them even more indulging and delicious. 

Water Chestnut Flour (Singhare ka Atta) 

Singhare ka atta, also known as water chestnut flour, is a highly versatile ingredient that is commonly used in Indian cuisine, particularly during fasting periods. This ingredient is commonly used to prepare a wide range of delicious dishes, such as parathas, halwa, cutlets, and many others. Due to its gluten-free nature, it's an excellent alternative for those with dietary restrictions. Water chestnut flour allows you to create delicious and nourishing dishes while maintaining the customs of fasting.