Simple Ways to Find Purity of Red Chilli Powder
Image Credit: Red chilli powder

Food adulteration has become so common these days that most people have now probably settled with the idea of getting impure food daily. However, that’s not good for the human body. Adulteration in food makes it unsuitable for human consumption and having it can cause various health-related issues. In times like now, when health is one of the hot topics around the world and emphasis is being given on eating healthy, we really need to keep a check on what we are eating. 

A surge in adulteration of food has led to the birth of products being sold with the tag, “organic food.” In the past, things were quite simple and we used to get pure and organic foods right from the fields. There was no need to sell food products with such tags as we knew what we are getting is good to have. But now, the situation has taken a 90 degrees turn. People are ready to pay insane amounts in the name of getting organic foods. This is not surprising anymore. But, what about those who cannot afford such costly edibles? How can they make sure of the purity of the food they eat? 

Well, FSSAI has suggested certain tried and tested tips and tricks to find out the same. Recently, it took to its Twitter account to tell people how to detect if the chilli powder they are using is adulterated. Yes, chilli powder can be impure too. Notably, some manufactures use soapstone powder and bricks to improve the colour of chilli. Consuming such chilli powder can impact your health negatively. Here are few tips shared by The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) that you can refer to in order to test the purity of your chilli powder.

Source: Pixabay

  • Add 1 teaspoon of red chilli powder to a glass full of water.
  • Let the residue settle at the bottom. 
  • Now, take some of the residues on your palm and rub them with your finger.
  • If you feel grittiness, the chilli powder is adulterated with brick sand or powder.
  • In case you feel too smooth or soapy, the chilli powder is adulterated with soapstone.

Do try this hack and let us know how it went.