Over the years, Indians have reserved a particular corner for Korean food in their hearts. It’s all because of how deliciously unique and pleasing it is for our taste buds. How about this time we introduce you to a unique Korean beverage? Sikhye is a traditional Korean rice beverage prepared with cooked rice and crushed pine nuts added for additional flavouring. Sikhye is a word that doesn't exist in Japan or China. Instead, it is a Korean word similar to "sikhye" with similar pronunciation and meaning. When you break the name into two parts, ‘sik’ means mature, while ‘hye’ refers to making alcohol or sweet juice. This Korean rice drink has been around for centuries and is meant to be relished all year long. In Korea, sikhye is often served as a dessert after a delightful meal. Most people consider it a similar version of a Japanese drink called Amazek. However, sikhye is extraordinary in its way and style. The unique taste with a subtle hint of sweetness stems from the malt. Besides its indulgent taste and flavours, the drink is believed to aid digestion as it contains dietary fibres and antioxidants. After their meals, it was formerly served to royalty that helped better digestion back in the old days. What's most fascinating about this Korean drink is that it relieves a hangover. 

How is it traditionally prepared?

The procedure of making this drink is quite simple but sadly time-consuming. At home, sikhye can be prepared using a pressure cooker. The process begins with pouring malt water onto cooked rice. The malt water seeps into the rice until rice grains appear on the surface. The liquid is then carefully poured out and boiled until it gets sweet enough. It takes at least 6-7 hours to cook, but the result is worth the effort. 

Give this Korean rice beverage a try at home.