The guy who made it into the industry by becoming Student Of The Year, has actually marveled everyone with his talents and acting. A newcomer with no Bollywood connection, Sidharth Malhotra has managed to make his mark in the film industry with great performances in Shershaah, Kapoor and Sons and many others. The fit and tall actor doesn’t seem much of a foodie but we now he has openly admitted to it. 

He recently took to his Instagram stories to share glimpses of his feast in Turkey. He is currently shooting for an upcoming movie there and has indulged in all the Turkish delicacies. While his diet plans and food regimes seem to be simple and basic, the Delhi-based actor hasn’t been able to take out the Dilli foodie in him even after shifting to Mumbai. The actor often comes back to the city to savour the chaat and tikkis from street food vendors and relive the old days. His Turkey trip is another proof of his foodie habits. Take a look. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Sidharth Malhotra 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Sidharth Malhotra 

We can spot some Turkish cheese slices on a cheese board along with cold cuts like ham as well as a range of condiments, from oils to dips and more. In another picture, we see different kinds of breads and buns while Sidharth Malhotra is busy sipping his drink. All the food looks very delicious and tempting. 

Authentic Turkish Delicacies To Try 

Here are some authentic Turkish dishes that you should definitely try at home. 

1.  Turkish Eggs 

This is a simple yet interesting Turkish recipe. The poached eggs are dunked into a bowl full of yoghurt. The special part about this yoghurt is that it is garlicky in flavour and works wonders with the eggs. The pure white bowl full of creamy bites is a great breakfast option. 

2.  Turkish Muhammara 

A very interesting dip that has a vibrant red hue to it, the Turkish cuisine is well-known for its dips. This has a very different flavour and texture from hummus and is made from red bellpeppers, walnuts, cayenne peppers and other spices. It is a little hot and works well with breads and salads. It is also known as acuka in Turkey. 

3.  Turkish Shepherd’s Salad 

Across Turkey and Greece, you’ll find a huge fanfare for this salad. Although it is nothing fancy or elaborate, it is called the salad of the people. Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and bellpeppers are tossed with parsley, ground pepper and salt. This easy and quick recipe is quite refreshing during summers. If you haven’t tried it already then here's an easy recipe. 

4.  Turkish Pide 

More like a Turkish pizza, this dish is made from local Turkish bread. The bread is baked and hollowed out to fill up. Fillings like eggs, vegetables and other meats are stuffed into the space and baked again. This is known as the Turkish pide. Greek yoghurt plays a major flavour role in this recipe.