6 Light And Hydrating Dishes Perfect For Hot Summer Season
Image Credit: Kadhi | Imae Credit: Freepik.com

With spring coming to an end, the people of India are all prepared to experience the scorching heat of the sun. In this weather condition, it is of utmost importance to keep oneself hydrated. It is advisable to drink fluids and foods with high water content.    

Although Indian cuisine offers a wide range of curries that are rich and tempting, in the summer, people generally opt for curries that are light and hydrating. The nourishing dishes include ingredients that benefit health in the summer months by aiding digestion and keeping the body cool. The simple yet refreshing curries will replenish the body’s vital fluids and satisfy the taste buds. This article will provide you with some of the hydrating and simple dishes that you can include in your summer diet. Take a look:   

  • Shukto   

Hailing from West Bengal, Sukhto is considered a famous Bengali dish that is renowned for its subtle flavours and hydrating properties. This curry consists of an array of vegetables, such as bitter gourd, drumstick, and potatoes, that are simmered in a light mustard and poppy seed-infused gravy. The creamy texture of the gravy balances out the bitterness of the vegetables, offering a refreshing palate for your summer table.   

  • Aviyal   

This vibrant mixed vegetable curry, which originates from the southern state of Kerala, epitomises the essence of summer freshness. Made with a medley of vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, and beans, this dish is simmered in a coconut and yoghurt-based gravy and tempered with curry leaves and green chillies. The addition of yoghurt, apart from lending a creamy texture, provides a cooling effect that helps combat the summer heat. Moreover, this is an essential dish in Sadya.    

  • Kairichi Varan  

In the summer season, Kairichi Varan reigns as a light and tangy lentil curry featuring raw mango as the star ingredient. Originating from Maharashtra, this simple and flavourful dish is made of tur dal, which is cooked with raw mangoes and seasoned with a tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, and green chillies. The tartness of the raw mangoes complements the earthy flavour of the lentils, creating a refreshing and hydrating curry to go with steamed rice, perfect for the summer months.   

  • Erissery  

Also known as Mathanga Erissery, this traditional curry is from the southern state of Kerala. The Malayalam word ‘mathanga’ means yellow pumpkin in English and thus it is made of pumpkin along with lentils and coconut. Erissery bursts with a blend of sweet, savoury, and spicy flavours. The addition of coconut adds richness to the dish as well as contributes to the curry’s hydrating properties, making it ideal for quenching thirst on hot summer days. Besides, there are different versions of Erissery made with unripe plantains, bananas, yams, etc.   

  • Rasam   

This is a staple of every South Indian household during the hot summer days. Probably the word rasam is derived from the word ‘ras’ or ‘rasa’ which means juice, extract or essence. Rasam is a tangy and aromatic soup-like curry that is known for its digestive and cooling properties. It is mainly made with tamarind, tomatoes, and a blend of spices, namely cumin, pepper, and coriander. Rasam has a refreshing taste and can aid digestion. It is either served hot or cold.   

  • Kadhi Pakora   

Originating from Punjab, kadhi is a yoghurt-based gravy that is made with gram flour and an array of spices. The light and tangy gravy has pakora or fritters, in it. The fritters are made with besan, onions, and seasoning. The gravy is tempered with mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, and dried red chillies, lending a burst of savoury and tangy flavours. The probiotic-rich yoghurt kadhi aids digestion and also helps in maintaining hydration levels, making it a perfect summer food.