Shreya Ghoshal’s Cake Mania Has Left Us In Awe; Find 2 Recipes Inside
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, Shreya Ghosal received several cakes on her birthday.

Cakes are usually symbolic of celebration. From birthdays to anniversaries, these special occasions are marked by a cake cutting ceremony, without which they seem incomplete. Though it was a foreign tradition at some point of time, today, you’ll find almost every Indian household celebrating the day with a cake. Cake, for the uninitiated, is a sweet combination of flour and sugar, along with butter, milk and sometimes eggs. The batter is baked in moulds and the soft and moist preparation is referred to as cake. Although cake was considered to be a form of bread for a long time, you would find a plethora of cake varieties today that are far more than just bread. 

You know why we’re talking about cakes so much? Well, because of one of the most melodious singers of the Bollywood music industry is a cake lover like us. We’re talking about Shreya Ghoshal. The Jab Saiyyan singer from Gangubai Kathiawadi has given her voice to some beautiful compositions in the past that we hum to this day. Recently, she took to her Instagram to share a glimpse of her birthday celebration and without any doubt, it had a delicious cake too. The creamy frosting of the cake was topped with some yellow-coloured fruits which makes us feel that it was pineapple cake. She captioned it saying, “All eyes on the slice! #cakelovers”.

The cute picture featured her holding her son and their tempted expression while looking at cake has us in awe. Here take a look. 

Source: Shreya Ghoshal/Instagram

Did you know that the culture of eating cakes on birthdays was spread around the world by Germans? It all began with the Romans baking basic sponge cakes for wedding ceremonies. This moved to Germany where single-layered cakes were baked for birthdays and later it spread to other European and non-European nations. However, even today, certain cultures follow their own customs on birthdays like the Chinese have really long, longevity noodles which are eaten by the birthday girl/boy. Similarly, Koreans slurp on their seaweed soup as a customary practice. 

Now that we’ve had so much talk on cakes, how about you bake some too? After all, we don’t need a reason to eat cakes right? Here are some recipes to try. 

1.  Almond Coconut Cheesecake 

The creaminess of coconut with the nuttiness of almonds makes this the perfect cake for us. The coconut filling on the inside is mixed with roasted almonds for the crunch. Then the upper crust is also made from coconut flakes, making it a coconut heaven. With a drizzle of chocolate ganache, it is a superb cake. 

2.  Apple Coffee Cake 

Don’t want all that cream and frosting on your birthday cake? Try this apple coffee cake, infused with the fruitness and sweetness of apple and balanced by the tantalizing aroma of coffee.